A Prisoner in her own way: Unexpected Arrival

Back at the Decepticon Base, Silver and Jazz rushed into Megatorn and I room. “Jazz he’s taken her” Silver said, while holding tight onto his hand. “Alright lads, let’s go back to base” Jazz shouted out. SkyLark and Drift placed down their weapons, flow off back to base. Silver and Jazz search the room for any clues of we might have gone, Jazz came across a small tried rose in a broken vase. “Black Magic Roses, Sky’s favourite” he pointed out. Silver and Jazz took it back to base, as they flow in and out of the stars.  Inside the temple, Daiatlas is beginning to worry more, I was born small was it possible that my two sparklings would be born small in the same way. “Arh Jazz, any luck?” Daiatlas asked, Jazz shock his head in defeat “He took her before we got a chance” Jazz replied in more than less pleased tone. “Jazz please tell, she ok?” Daiatlas asked nervously, “I think she is becoming weaker with the stress of carrying a Protoform sir” Jazz replied. Master Daiatlas, walked out again more upset than ever. “Don’t worry about it Jazz, we’ll find her” Silver said as she placed her hand on his shoulder. Jazz looked at her into awe of her courage and sprit to find me, “I believe you, but you so brave the way you hid the feelings of stress” Jazz replied to Silver. Back on the distance spot on earth, Lockdown is losing to Thrust and Megatorn. I’m laying against Wheeljack, as his comforts me I feel Megatorn’s sparkling grower more and more stressed.  At that moment, the Protoform kick hard, I cried out in pain, Megatorn ran back to me, “Sky what is?” He asked nervously, holding my hands. “Sparkling, he’s worries about you” I reply, Megatorn face light up he had always wanted son to continue on after him. “Son?” He replied, I nodded as he ran his hand over the bump the sparkling stop kicking he could feel his dad was there. “Oh sweet princess, you have made me the happiest bot on the planet” Megatorn praised again, I pulled myself up, wrapped my hands around him. Megatorn looked down at bump, placed his hand on it proudly. “Thank You” Megatorn whispered, the Protoform stopped kicking, I felt at peace. “He seems to know when your around” I reply tenderly, “Sky, I’m so in love with you” he replies stroking the bump. “Oh my sweet prince, I love you too” I reply softly in his ear. “I’ll do anything to keep you and my baby safe my princess” As he placed his hand around me, the other pulled my lips towards his, as my lips pressed against his I felt my heart beat a thousand times in that single moment. “I’m only me, when I have you” I whispered, Megatorn held me close to his chest and smiled. “I’ll always be here” he says to comfort me, as the tears roll down my face. “Really?” I reply, Megatorn looks down at me and replies “Until time stops my princess” He kisses my forehead, I look at my reflection in the poor of tears; this outer shell which I’ve been hiding was finally loved and not hated. Soon as I lifted my shattered body to kiss his lips, I hear the voices “Sky don’t you dare!” I look around. “Well look who it isn’t? Come to wreck my life again brother” I snap back. Blurr stumble back, “I only did what I did to protect you” He fires back at me, as he reaches for my arm and pulls me away. As he does I fall over, crawl in a ball in pain “Let go of her Autobot, you’ve caused her to be in pain” Megatorn fires back, holding me up. “Its hurts…so bad” I cry on Megatorn, and as he strokes my head. “Now look what you’ve done you could have injured her and my sparkling” Megatorn blasts back.


“Sky listen he’s using you!”  Blurr cried, “Shut up, just everyone shut up” I replied back running off somewhere. I was confused, by heart was screaming don’t listen but my mind was saying listen. “Sky, Princess!” Megatorn cried, racing after me I hide behind a tree crying I didn’t know what to do. I held my bump, moaned in pain the Protoform was growing stronger by the minute. It would only need a couple more days until he was born. Megatorn heard my screams of pain, rushed to my side, “Angel what is it?” he asked, holding me close. “Pains, they won’t stop I think Blurr might of hurt the Protoform” I cry, Megatorn strokes my head again lifting me up and carries me back. “My Lord, is she?” Wheeljack asks, Megatorn does not reply “My lord?” Wheeljack asks again and still no reply. “Wheeljack, I want you to follow that Autobot” Megatorn orders, as he beams up to the Base in space again. Wheeljack nods and transformers, begins to follow Blurr’s movement. Back at base, Megatorn lays me down in the bed, battered and busied and not so confused. I lay my hand on his and lent up to press my lips against his, as they did I felt Megatorn hand wrap around me gently. “There something in your eyes, which draws me closer and closer to you” I whisper into his ear, Megatorn smiles nuzzles my neck lovingly he lends over me and whispers “There something about you, that draws me to you” He raises his optics , pulls that smirk “No not tonight” I reply to the question he was going to ask. “Ok princess” he replies, he lays beside me with his arms pulling me closer to him. “Turn over Sky?” He asks, I turn over and gaze into his loving optics and place my hand on his chest drift off into a sleep. He places his hand in mine, lays his head on mine and shortly follows too. Whole nights sleep, I awaken to feel of Megatorn kissing my neck “Megs…angel” I moan as I wake up and turn over. He lends over me, stroking my face “Morning princess” he replies. “Why are you up early?” I ask, looking very tried and worn out “I’m missing your sweet kisses, may I?” he replies. I press my lips against his, as his lips press against mine he places my leg around his side. “Sky you ok?” Megatorn asked, noticing I was looking at the bump as he lifted me up. “Yea I’m fine” I reply weakly, noticing the pains were getting worse as the days went on. I knew the other chance of the other Protoform who I was going to name Venus would ever survive depended on me getting a hold of Blurr again. “You sure you’re ok?” Megatorn asked again, I came back too “Yea I’m fine angel”  I replied, holding the bump as I lay on the sheets looking into his ruby red eyes that thing which draws me closer to him appeared again. I managed to lend up, pressed my lips against his as he closes his eyes I playfully wrap my leg around his side. “Oh Sky I love you so much” he whispers softly to me. As I felt my arms wrap around his, I let him lift me up gently and loving as our lips locked together the passion was relight. Cyclonus came into our room, while we were kissing “Sir. Another mini con has shown itself” He told Megatorn. Megatorn laid me back down on the sheets, “Be careful ok?” I tell him while stroking his face.


Megatorn left the room, told Thrust to stay “Thrust guard over her with your spark” He told him firmly, Thrust nodded and replied “Anything for you dear friend” Megatorn, Cyclonus, Demolisher and Starscream left, for earth again leaving me alone in my bedroom I walked out on the balcony check my surrendering. No one knows about that other one, everyone thinks I’m carrying Megatorn Protoform, but I knew I had to keep the other one a secret for now. I walked back into room, towards the door and passed Thrust “Sky what are you doing?” he asks, I look back at him and disappear into thin air. I had enough energy to transform myself into a light breeze, carry myself to a quite but peaceful spot to rest. I lay resting, I heard some familiar sounds “Stay here Sideswipe, I know that femme” a voice says from behind me. A small yellow face kneels down to see “Sky, does your brother know you here?” voice asks as I open my optics and pull up my visor “Hot Shot that you?” I ask. He signals to Sideswipe to come over, Sideswipe moves closer to Hot Shot. “Sideswipe this is Sky, Blurr’s younger sister” Hot Shot explains, Sideswipe blushed red “Err... please to meet you” Sideswipe replied. I bowed my head, “Pleased to meet you Sideswipe, its true I am Blurr’s younger sister” I replied. Hot Shot looked at now, growing bump “Oh Sky, you’re expecting?” he said in shock, Sideswipe looked at him. I got up, placed my hand on the bump and smiled warmly at him “Yes I am Hot Shot. I’m surprised Blurr didn’t tell you I was” I replied to him. “We should take you to see him?” Hot Shot asked, while looking concern “No you can’t do that, I’m only here for rest” I reply nervously if Blurr knew the whole truth he would help me of course but he would be mad at the same time. “How can you love that war tyrant?” Hot Shot asked me “Simple there is something in his eyes, his smile and way he kisses me which shows me there is something else more to him. He truly adores me in this shell” I reply.

The End

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