SnowFlake's Cries For Help

Snowflake holds on tight to me, “Please guys, hurry. I can’t do anything right to help her” He cries again, Link Master runs up all the medical ideas that might help slow the pain and sparks. Jazz brings up a valid point, “What about, using the liquid blinding to seal the wounds?” Silver nodded in response, it was a good idea. Double Glide brought up an another energy signature, tries to explain it was Megatorn’s but everybody was too busy worrying about my leg to pay attention until Double Glide did a high pitch scream which got their attention. “What is it Double?” Jazz asked, Double Glide pointed to the area on the screen which showed Megatorn energy signature. “Look, it’s over Sky” Double Glide tries explaining. Silver and Jazz looked at each other, Silver had enough. “Prowl go into the Autobot base, tell her Brother the news. Drift, Jazz and I will go in after her” she ordered beginning to show signs of anger and stress. Prowl nodded and flew up in the shape of a shadow towards the Autobot Base, he walked up to the entrance of the cameras, “Optimus Prime sir, I am Prowl Guardian of the Shadows and Darkness I wish to talk!” He shouted to them. “Well are we letting him in or not?” Hot Shot asked, Optimus nodded and so Prowl flow into their base as quickly as his ninja’s abilities would let him. “Prowl, what is it we can do for you?” Optimus asked, Prowl placed his sword in the ground. “I wish to update her brother on the current situation” Prowl replied shaking his hands in total nervousness. “Relax my friend” Optimus said to chill down Prowl, Prowl tried not to lash out on Blurr as he walked into the room, Prowl knew the whole story with me and Blurr. “Yes you called Optimus sir?” Blurr replied, Prowl glared at him “Ninja?” Blurr asked. “I have news from your sister best friend on her condition” Prowl replied, holding his Runeblade in hand. “My sis?” Blurr replied weakly, his optics narrowed in. “She’s online, but barely. Her leg is in need of complete repair and there is something shocking arcading to our scanners”   Prowl began to explain, Hot Shot looked at Blurr as he watched his optic narrow in on themselves. “Which is?” Blurr furthered asked. “Well…she might be carrying two protoforms” Prowl said nervously, Blurr looked on at him in awe. His sister was carrying two protoforms, of which two mechs?


Back at the temple, Daiatlas was still worrying about my condition and was it improving. “I don’t believe this, Snowflake are you positive there are two?”  Silver asked Snowflake again. While Megatorn was still crying on my bed side I felt two little kicks, my worst nightmare had become true. I knew I was carrying Megatorn’s Protoform but was it possible to carry Starscream’s too. Double Glide got hold of Swindle, Starscream Mini Con and got him to pass on the massage to him, Starscream face was one of total shock but somewhat proudness too. Silver give the word to Jazz to start off before her, Drift and SkyLark shortly followed after closing down the systems or leaving it in the control of Double Glide and the other Mini Cons was a hard decision. “Double I trust you to look after the readings ok?” She told him firmly, Double Glide nodded and started to work. Silver picked up her Runeblade, raced after the others SkyLark had already landed inside the base. “Drift is it clear?” He whispered to Drift, Drift gave the signal of two Decepticons near by, Jazz walked in as angry as ever. They all hide in the shadows of the base, watching and waiting. Megatorn comes out, sees a glimmer of armour in the light, “Thrust, Cyclonus I want a full search of this base” he orders. Silver and Jazz hold each other hand, as earth protects water, so does air get angry as fire. SkyLark starts a tiny fire in his anger, which gives them away. Jazz steps out first, points his sword at Cyclonus “Where is she!” Jazz demands, Silver backs him up with her sword aiming at the back of Cyclonus “Where are our friend?!” She shouts. Megatorn rushes into my bedroom, picks me up and transports us to a silent but distant spot. As my optics opens, I see the crystal clean water, bright green grass, “Where am I?” I ask in confusion. Megatorn holds me close to his chest, protectively “I’m not going to let them take you away from me again” He whispers as his place his hand on my middle. “Sky you’re…” He says in shock, I smile weakly, and reply “Yea, I am” I reply. Trying to keep one thing special, one of them was his but the other twin was Starscream he isn’t taking that away. “I’m so proud of you Sky” Megatorn praised me again, Frostbite must be just as excited as him but I also felt total relieved it felt like I was getting brain washed to love him again as Frostbite was pushing.


“Why did you remove me, I’m not afraid to fight for you” I say to him, Megatorn placed his around my head and lifts it gently, “Because I love you, more than ever and I didn’t want risk of losing you or our child again” he replies. I hear some distance foot steps in the distance, I know them from somewhere “Lockdown, we must move somewhere safer” I tell Megatorn, dragging him somewhere safe. Suddenly Lockdown appears out from the trees, “Hand Sky over Megatorn and no one gets hurt!” Lockdown starts to threaten him. Megatorn holds me close to him; with star saber in hand he protects me and our unborn sparkling. “You’re not getting your thrifty hands on the mother of my child” I cling onto Megatorn, with all my strength, tears run down my face because I’m scared of losing this gift. “How many is there Sky, one or two?” Lockdown torments me, trying to make me fight him knowing I could lose the sparklings that way. I cried on Megatorn chest, he sees the tears run my face “Back off Lockdown!” He screamed. Lockdown just laughed. Suddenly an unknown car showed up, Megatorn recognised it straight away, “Wheeljack!” Megatorn shouted out. “Yes my lord” Wheeljack raced over. “Please take Sky somewhere safe” Megatorn says while passing me over to Wheeljack, I’m growing more and more tried and weak as I barely cling onto Wheeljack I can feel the child inside of me becoming more stressed. “You ok Sky?” Wheeljack asked, “Yea I’m fine just tried” I replied to him. Wheeljack managed to get me to a quiet place; meanwhile Megatorn was trying to attack Lockdown when he heard the aerial sounds from Thrust coming nearer. “Back up” He thought, Lockdown continued to strike back, I could feel it too this was one of my unusual tricks once becoming closer to someone you could feel their energy. “Wheeljack…” I cried, he held me in his arms “What is it Sky?” I pointed to Megatorn fighting on “Go and help him, his is the father to my child I don’t want to lose him” I begged him. Wheeljack promised Megatorn to look after me, as he was about to go help Thrust came into things, so he back walked to me. “Its okay, Thrust is there alongside him” Wheeljack explain.

The End

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