Pain Within, Stand Your Ground

Megatorn tries to remove some of boulders, Jazz just pulls him back. “This all your fault Ninja” Megatorn cries, throwing Jazz back against the side of the cannon. “Stop your shouting and listen!” Jazz fired back; as they listened nothing could be heard. I was trying to crawl out the tunnel, as I slashed my way through rubble. Jazz’s Armour shone in bright mid day sun, Optimus looked at Silver and whispered “Is it possible, that she is offline?” Silver was shocked that come out his mouth; she held her friendship bracelet I had made for her tight to her spark. “C’mon Sky, please make it through” she prayed to herself. I smashed through the final and last wall, “Why did you do that Jazz?” I asked him, he looked down at me “You’re not ready for the Runeblade yet” Jazz replied. Megatorn knelt besides, holding me close to his spark. “I’ve failed you my lord” I said to him, as I laid my head down in defeat, “No you could never fail, after all you fought past all those boulders” he said holding me to his lips. “Kiss me my lord” I say quietly, as his lips pressed against mine I wrap my arms around him and press my lips against his. Jazz got increasable angry, takes out his sword and slices Megatorn from the back “Arh” Megatorn screams in agony, I manage to pull myself up, hold out my sword to defend him. “Back off Jazz” I say while trying to hold my broken body up. “I’m not going to hurt friend” Jazz says, putting his sword away and standing down. “Fight me!” I scream, while crying, Jazz just walks away, “I’m not going to fight you” Jazz replies. I charge, but Jazz just blasts me with a couple of boulders. “I’m not fighting you; I’m only doing it because I care about you he doesn’t!” Jazz fired back, as I pulled myself up again I looked on as Jazz walked back to Silver. “Jazz!” Silver cries out, running towards him, Jazz embraces her “Is she?” she asked. Jazz shock his head, Silver held his hand “Remember together, I’ll get Sky and you take Megatorn minions” She told him. Jazz just nodded, blasted Megatorn’s men with rockslides, earthquakes while Silver tried to get to me. I lay beside Megatorn, trying to mend the huge gash mark on his back. “Sky. My beautiful princess” Megatorn says to me while stroking my face, “I’m nearly finished healing you my lord” I reply.


Megatorn gets up; he points the Star Saber at Jazz and charges. I grab his hand, “No, let’s go back my lord” I beg to him, Megatorn nods and we all go back to Decepticon base. I limbed into my room, with a battered and broken leg I lay on the bed trying to repair it. Thrust came into my room, “You were very brave, back there” He told me. I managed a smile, while trying to mend my leg “How bad is it?” He asks. I looked down at my battered and torn apart leg. “Want me to tell Megatorn how bad it is?” he asks, I shock my head. “No little me suffer, I’ve failed him” I tell him, holding in the pain. Megatorn walks in, he looks at my leg “Oh sweet princess this is my entire fault” he says. I lift his head up, “None of this is your fault, I got greedy so I must be punished by baring this pain” I told him. Megatorn held my hand. Back at the temple, Jazz walked in holding one of the six Runeblades, “Jazz is that one of them?” Master Daiatlas asked. Jazz handed the Runeblade over to Daiatlas, the power coming from it could be enough to free me from Megatorn evil and deadly chains. “It’s time my ninjas, maybe its time to give you all one of these” Master Daiatlas continued. “Why would Sky need them master?” Silver asked, Daiatlas turn in shock “Sky, was out there getting them?” He replied. Jazz and Silver nodded; Prowl and Drift ran down, after hearing Silver and Jazz coming back into the temple “Master, Sky’s Energy Signature is weak, really weak” Daiatlas put the Runeblade away, followed Drift and Prowl up the Energy Control Room. “Look this is a map of their base, this signature is Sky’s” Prowl explained, Drift looked worried he had his hands on his blades waiting for the order to act. “Wait until nightfall, then go to their base and collect Sky” Master Daiatlas explain. “Do we get to use our elements?” Drift asked, as he powered up into the Guardian of Air. “Yes, you may” Daiatlas answered, SkyLark heard the answer too, “Master may we use force?” SkyLark asked, Daiatlas shock his head. “Only if to need young ones, remember we are neutral force and a peaceful one” Daiatlas answered. SkyLark powered up into the Guardian of Fire. “Let’s burn them all down” SkyLark said with a glare in his optics, “No that is not the idea Lark, we get in, we get Sky, and we get out”  Silver managed to tell SkyLark without going off one again, hopefully not burning the whole temple down in his rage. “Together for our friend” Jazz said, while putting his hand out, “Together” Silver replied while placing her hand on top of Jazz’s. “No matter what happens” SkyLark continued as he too put his hand on top of Silver and Jazz’s, “United for our friend” Drift continued as he too put his hand on top of the others. “Forever” Prowl finished as he put his hand fight on the top.


Daiatlas nodded, walked off with the Runeblade in his hand. Silver and Jazz were already in their armour, “Go sharpen your weapons my friends, for tonight we fight for our friend” Jazz told them, Prowl went off to get his weapons re sharpen and SkyLark followed. Drift had his swords all ready sharpen, he had been waiting for this moment to repay me since I did after all rescue him so many times when we were little. “For my friend” Drift thought to himself, as he placed his Mini Con Shift on to his shoulder. Double Glide, SkyLark Mini Con had picked up on Snowflake’s energy from the base and told his protector. “Double Glide got a lock of them” SkyLark told his friends. “That excellent, Snowflake must be working on her repairs” Silver replied to the news. “Ok Bomb Box, can we scan the area for any threats before going” Jazz asked his Mini Con Bomb Box, quite a cute name since Jazz was into music. Prowl rushed down, “Hey guys, when you saw Sky kissing Megatorn did you see the tear before she smiled?” Prowl asked. Silver looked at Jazz, then he looked at her. “Yea so?” she replied. “That must mean, she still loves Starscream, there’s apart of the original Sky still there” Silver spark started to cheer up, she knew I didn’t always love Megatorn, but I was forced too. “Prowl, you’ve just given me an idea!” Silver cheered, as she rushed up to the Commlink room, Jazz and Prowl followed up with her. “Ok Link Master, can we have possible reading?” Silver asked her Mini Con friend. “Sure thing friend” Link Master replied sweetly, as he begins to bring up all the possible ways to sneak in and out of the base “Go back one Link” Silver asked. Jazz looked at the map on the screen, “Bomb Box, run all the entrances?” he asked his mini cons. With Link Master and Bomb Box being so great friends and workers they ran up all the possible ways into the base without being detected. Suddenly they revised an emergency call from Snowflake, my mini con. “Guys?” Snowflake cried, “Snowflake what is it?” Link Master asked, holding up his tiny hand to the screen. “Sky’s leg is getting worse, nothing I do works” Snowflake cried again.

The End

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