His Princess, Her Lord

As my frozen lips pressed against his, the aura which had protected me became stronger as his lips pressed against mine. “Sweet Princess, you’re what keeps me young” Megatorn whispers to me, as my ice aura enchanted the Star Saber. Cyclonus and Thrust burst in trying to protect us, “Go my lord, we’ll handle these Ninjas” Thrust said confidently. Jazz raised his sword to Thrust, prepared to do battle. “Silver get Sky away from him” He cried out, Silver ran up to me and grabbed my arm and pulled me back. “NO! Let me go!” I cried in agony, she protected me from Megatorn Star Saber with her shield and blaster. “We’re doing this for your own good” She told me, I reached out for Megatorn, Jazz nodded to her “Ok here we go” She told me as she transformed into a blue light and we were transported back off to the temple. “NO Sky!” Megatorn cried in anger, as we landed in the temple.  Silver held me tight, as I fought to be free “Shh my friend it will be alright” She consoled me, I broke free and ran up stairs to my bedroom again. Back at the Decepticon Base, Jazz and Daiatlas were just about to leave, when Megatorn grabbed Daiatlas by arm. “Where is she?!” Megatorn demanded, Daiatlas just stroke a lighting bolt into Megatorn chest, as he fell backwards, Demolisher and Cyclonus caught him. So Daiatlas and Jazz returned to the temple, they walking though the crowds of cheering ninjas. Prowl nodded and smiled, “Few that’s over with” He thought to himself, he was wrong it would be never be over. Megatorn would tear the galaxy apart to find me; I lay on my bed crying. Then there was a knock on the door, “Go away!” I shouted suddenly the door open. “Sky, it’s me” The voice said, as I looked round it was Master Daiatlas. “Oh Master, why did you tear me away? Don’t you trust me?” I cried to him, Daiatlas just held me in his arms, stroking my head. Frostbite and I were both angry from being torn apart from Megatorn, couple of minutes later; we waited for Daiatlas to fall asleep. “Sorry my master, I must go” I say quietly to him.


I sneak out of the window, transform and fly back to base. Megatorn sits on his throne blanking the world. Until he feels a soft breeze, flying around him “Princess is it you?” Megatorn whispered, I place my hand on his face “Yes it is me” I reply softly to him. “Where are you, I can fell you but I cannot see you” Megatorn says while getting off his throne, “Close your optics and hold out your hands” I reply, so as he closes his optics holds at his hands. I place my hands in his, press my lips against his “Now open” I whisper, as he opens his optics. “You came back?” He asked, “Why wouldn’t I?” I reply as Megatorn looks into my icy blue optics he realises the bounds he still had over me. “Does this mean I can kiss you again?” He asks, I reply shortly after “Yes” Back at the temple, Daiatlas awakes and realises I’m not there. “Sky?!” He says in a panic, Jazz and Silver rush in “What’s wrong Master?” Silver asks while helping Master Daiatlas up. “She’s gone back to him, is it possible she will lead him to the one Mini Con which can awake the Rune Swords or Rune Blades?” Master Daiatlas asked in horror “I don’t know master, I just don’t know” Silver replied. Jazz held his sword in his hand, in anger slammed into the ground, holding it he cried. “Sky! C’mon back!” Silver helped Jazz pull his sword out from the ground, “Listen to me, my brave knight. We shall go together to get her, I shall be your shield and you shall be my sword” Silver told Jazz, stroking his face. Jazz pulled himself together; he and Silver promised Master Daiatlas that by any mends necessary that they would get me back home safely. Master Daiatlas nodded at his brave ninjas, Silver and Jazz went off to get themselves ready, SkyLark offered to go with them so let them go too. Prowl kept an eye on all the readings, “Come in Prowl, Lily to Prowl?” Prowl opened the message, “Morning sweetie” he replied. “Aww missed you too, right I managed to follow Cyclonus energy signature, towards this remote sector of the planet earth” She replied to Prowl. Prowl thought long and hard before replying “Energy reading Lil?” Lily double checked her results, “Hmm, double than usual, higher than a normal Con attack”


Master Daiatlas looked at Prowl, Prowl opened the tracking system and sent a message to Jazz and Silver “Hey guys, go down to earth to this sector” He informed them, sending the mapping system too. “Ok thanks Prowl” Jazz replied to his comrade, Silver and Jazz landed shortly. As I walked through the barren land, I felt somewhat drawn to one side of the cannon. “What are we doing here again?” Cyclonus asked, “We’re here to find the Rune Blades, which will Sky more powerful plus it will make her happy” Megatorn replied. I smashed through the cannon, Megatorn just watched in total awe, Jazz jumped down from his hiding place and followed in after them, Silver kept guard and looking out for any more helpers. She spotted one Autobot named Smokescreen, “Smokescreen over here!” She shouted. Smokescreen came running over, “Hey, who are you and how can I help?” he replied. “My name is Silver, I’m Guardian of Water and we need you go with Jazz” she replied. Smokescreen raced after Jazz, Silver spotted some more help on the way, “Optimus!” She shouted, Optimus and Red Alert came running over, “Hey what your name Ninja?” Optimus asked, “My name is Silver, Smokescreen gone over with Jazz to try and find what they are doing” She explained to Optimus. As I walked down the hallow tunnels, at the end was one of the five Rune Swords, powerful mystical swords which could be used in the hands of Ninjas. “Prefect” I said to myself, as I walked forward to grab the blade in my hand, I suddenly felt the earth rumble beneath me. “Jazz! What are you doing here?!” I screamed, as the whole tunnel started collapse, Megatorn and Cyclonus ran out, I followed but tripping on a lose bit of stone. “SKY!” Megatorn cried, I cried to myself in agony from both sides my leg was crushed by a huge stone, Frostbite screaming inside of me to be let free.

The End

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