Tender Moments, Her Nightmare Continues

As Jazz stroked her head, his tears started to follow and the whole temple went silent because everyone had no idea how to get me back. That inner demon known as Frostbite was growing a tiny part of me which was making love Megatorn. Not a forced love but like the love I have for Starscream, it was small but it was growing was it possible I had become a custom to his face, his love and his lust for me had change me too. “Master is it possible, for the bounds to broken in anyway?” Silver asked while wiping away her tears, Daiatlas took a few minutes to think then it came to him “Follow me young ones” Daiatlas told him, they all followed. Silver had her arm around Jazz, Jazz had his arm around her, Master Daiatlas led them to the library of relics. “Welcome to the Relic Keep my Ninjas” Daiatlas spoke out loud to them, he showed them to a suit of armour known as Lighting Strike. It belong to Daiatlas, beside it was another suit which belong to Warpath which was named Thunder Guardian. “Master these your suits?” Silver asked nervously, Daiatlas nodded and replied “Beside it, is Warpath Thunder Guardian Armour” Jazz looked at his earth armour and felt a sense of pride. “Master these suits allow us to control our element right?” Jazz asked firmly, Master Daiatlas nodded at his young student question. Silver looked at her hands, managed to transform herself in a living river in front of her master eyes. “Like this master?” she asked, Daiatlas smiled and nodded. “You have the power of ten Autobots my ninjas use it well” Daiatlas warned them, Jazz managed to shake the temple grounds just by thinking, with his spark mate being the guardian of water there was no way Megatorn could stop them getting their friend back.


Back in the Decepticon Base, I laid on Megatorn chest watching the stars. “Each one of those stars will be yours one day my princess” he told me, I turn into his side, fell quietly to sleep. “Aww so beautiful” Megatorn thought to himself, he picked me up and carried me off to the bedroom. I lifted my arm onto his chest, while the other one rested on my leg. He kissed my forehead, I smiled as he did my two sides were at peace and not warring with each other. A Small Crystal formed in my hand, it was icy cold and as held on it Megatorn smiled as he laid me down on the bed in our bedroom. “My princess” He said quietly, as he lent down his lips pressed against mine. I gazed up into his loving eyes; I lent up at him and pressed my lips against his. “Oh my lord, I’m forever yours” Megatorn’s eyes shone in the midnight light, as time went by the passion was relight, couple of minutes later with Megatorn fast asleep I shortly followed. Thrust smiled to himself in shadows, lion had his lioness and that’s the way he was going to keep it. Megatorn awoke, looked down at me and smiled to himself “Oh sweet princess you rest here, I have some things to attend too” He says to himself, while stroking my head. “Sleep tight my princess, for someday you will be queen of this galaxy” Megatorn says quietly to himself, I sleep for another two hours. Prowl quietly crawls up to my bed, shaking me “Sky wake up” He says, my optics become open and my icy armour frozen again “Huh Prowl?” I reply he smiles at me and hugs me tight. “Oh thank god your alive, now let get you out of here” He says, while dragging me out of bed. “No, I can’t” I say quietly, while shaking my hand out of his, Prowl looks shocked and confused “Why not? You must return the Ninjas need you, your friends need you the Master needs you in his arms again” Prowl cried at me, I looked away in fear, small droplets of my ice cold tears drop onto the cold hard floor. There was a knock at the door, “Sky, is everything alright in there?” Cyclonus shouted through the door, “Yeah everything fine” I shouted back. Cyclonus came into the room, “Ninja stay away from the boss girl!” Cyclonus shouted. Megatorn came rushing through; he grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him.


“You have no right to keep her here Megatorn! She must return to Ninja Temple at once or feel the wraith of Daiatlas!” Prowl demanded, Megatorn laughed he wasn’t going to give me up without a fight. “You’re not getting the hints are you Ninjas, she doesn’t’ want to go back so just leave her alone or else!” Megatorn fired back at Prowl. Prowl disappeared, Megatorn stood his ground with Star Saber in his hand. “No my lord, let him go” I whispered, I turned my self in an icy wind and drifted around his body. “Beautiful princess, kiss me again” he whispered back, as my frozen lips pressed against his, my body slowly return to its normal shape and form. “Aww sweet angel” Megatorn whispers back again. I placed my hand on his; lifted the star saber up as I looked into his ruby red eyes again. “Your pointing armour is so” Megatorn continued, “Get away from my daughter!” a voice cried. I bent on my knees, hoping Master would forgive me for deeds. “Old Man Daiatlas eh?” Megatorn smirk to himself. “Leave her alone Megatorn, she’s my daughter!” Daiatlas shouted back, blasting wave after wave of lighting at him. I got up, deflected them all “Please Master stops this” I begged him. Daiatlas sent more and more, and time after time I deflected them.  “But Sky, I love you. He’s using you, I raised you, and I know your limits he doesn’t” Daiatlas pleaded with me, Megatorn wrapped his arms around me and my sword lay strong in my hands. “She’s my princess Daiatlas, let it go” Megatorn said strongly, kissing my neck. “Oh my lord, I am yours” I replied back. Silver and Jazz arrived quickly, blasted Megatorn form the back “Sky listen to us! You’re being used!” They cried at me, I felt the bond beginning to tighten as Megatorn pulled me closer to him. “She my princess now, you will never take her away from me” he cried as Silver and Jazz prepared their weapons. A cold icy look came over my face, as I transformed into a cold breeze, “Princess, where you going?” Megatorn cried. I hovered around him, finally resting on his shoulders “I’m right here my lord, let me guide you with the saber” I whispered. “Sweet temptress, kiss me once more” Megatorn whispered back.

The End

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