Betrayed and Dispointment: Masters Pain

Drift continued, “Optimus we need your help, Master Daiatlas is in trouble the child he brought as his own and is known by one of you men as SkyRockit, Sister to Blurr is in trouble we need your help” Optimus thought long and hard, helping the ninjas might prove to be a benefit. “Will shall help you Drift, send my regards to Daiatlas” Optimus replied, Red Alert and Optimus got to talking afterwards and then decided on breaking the news to their commands. Back at the temple, Master Daiatlas is sat back in his main room of the temple, his dojo. “Oh Warpath, I should be angry at her for doing this but I’m so besides myself with concern” He explains to his faithful guardian, Warpath just nods on, then speaks “Master, there must be a reason for her doing this?” Daiatlas walks to the small photo on his desk, looks at it and smiles “She always did follow in the footsteps of her mother, when she was a little sparkling she showed signs of being a great leader one day” Daiatlas continued, Warpath places his hand on the Master Shoulder. “Dear friend, I’m positive she is doing this for a really good but complex reason” Warpath replies, Daiatlas just smiles as the tears run down his tried face he remembers the times we’re I used to cling to his leg because I was afraid of being alone or the times I cried because there were shadows under my bed. “I don’t know much about Megatorn, but I do know he knows about my daughter power” Daiatlas said firmly, he rung for Prowl. Prowl came running in his dojo, knelt in honour at him, “Yes my Ninja Master what is it?” Prowl asked as he was catching his breath, Daiatlas picked him up off the floor and put his hands on his shoulder. “Follow Silver and Jazz to Megatorn hide out, once they have left I want to stay and spy on him for me” Daiatlas asked of Prowl. Prowl nodded in agreement, ran off to Jazz and Silver.


“Prowl my friend what is it?” Jazz asked, Prowl caught his breath back and replied “I’m going with you and Silver Masters orders” Jazz and Silver nodded as they prepared their armour. Jazz’s Earth Armour was painted in the most stunning of colours all earthly ones like Greens, Blues, and he looked amazing. Silver’s armour was covered in sparkling blues of all shades they look amazing too. “Wow guys, your armour is awesome” Prowl told them, as he look at his in the minor. Dark Blacks, Blues and Silver filled Prowl’s Armour, Jazz and Silver armour match each other perfectly. Back at the other side of the temple, SkyLark managed to get a hold of Lily. “Morning Lark, How may I be of help?”  She replied openly, while in the background her fellow Ninjas were busy off loading more Crystals. “We’re calling for all Ninjas, Sky needs our help” SkyLark explained, Lily had heard from a number of sources about me going missing. “How can I be off help Lark?” she continued, SkyLark brought up all the locations which hadn’t been searched or checked. “Can you and your team check all these locations for her, Master is getting increaseily worried about her” SkyLark asked. Lily nodded and went of to inform her team. “Listen up guys, that was a call from SkyLark, we are needed to help find the Masters Daughter” She explained to her team, on the other side of the galaxy Opal was contacted by SkyLark too. “Opal you there, its SkyLark come in” SkyLark left a message and waited, Opal shortly responding “Sorry about that SkyLark, been having some problems” SkyLark breathed a sigh of relief “We need your help Opal” he continued. “What is it you need us to do?” Opal asked, Skylark brought up all the places which hadn’t been searched or checked over “Right we need you and your team to check all these locations on the map for Sky and please hurry” SkyLark replied back. Opal nodded and went off to tell her crew of their job, SkyLark lunched two scanning systems all over space, waited for the results to come. Meanwhile over the other side of space, facing the planet earth Megatorn was sat on his throne talking with Thrust and Demolisher. Cyclonus had locked Starscream in his room, while they were talking; I was sat on the balcony singing one of the songs Master Daiatlas had sung to me as I was growing up. “Who’s that siren like singing?” Megatorn asked, Demolisher and Thrust looked at each other and smiled, “I believe it’s Sky my lord”  Thrust replies, Megatorn listens on as soon as my singing stops he could sense there was something wrong. “Sky, it’s us!” Silver shouted up, “What are you doing here, if he catches you, you’ll be in trouble” I replied nervously. Jazz and Silver climbed up, onto balcony, “Sky, please come home Master is worried sick about you” Silver explain to me, Jazz could sense Megatorn presence drawing near. “Silver prepare yourself my love, Megatorn is coming” Jazz warned Silver, they prepared their weapons, as Megatorn step foot in the door. “Leave her alone!” Megatorn yelled, pointing the star saber at my friends, I laid my head down in total defeat, I warned them not to come. “Master Daiatlas wants her back!” Jazz shouted back, while dodging the star saber, Silver counterattack Megatorn knocking him down on the ground.


“He using you for your power Sky and he knows you will give into him” Silver explains to me, at this point Frostbite was becoming more frustrated than usual. She clawed me from the inside, moaning to be free as I fought her I became weaker. “Please…friends you have to trust me. I’m staying for all right reasons” I replied weakly, I fell to one knee in pain. “Please just go, your making her angry” I begged them, as Frostbite was wearing me down to the ground. “But…you can leave him” Jazz replied, “No I can’t I promised him my body that’s a promise I cannot and will not break” I replied. Silver tried one more time to break the bounds which kept me to Megatorn but to no success. Jazz and Silver flew back in defeat, Megatorn got back up and lent down towards me “You’re always going to mine, my princess” Megatorn whispered down to me. As he wrapped his arms around me, I felt empty inside but somewhat happier and I don’t know if that’s because Frostbite had given up. “My Lord, I will always be by your side” I whispered back, “Sing again for me” he asked. As I started to sing again, he wrapped his hands around me and laid his head on my shoulder. Back at the temple, as Jazz stormed in with weapons in hands, Silver shortly followed both of them feeling ever more confused about the situation at hand. “Jazz calm down sweetie, it can’t be helped” Silver consoled Jazz; Jazz punched the wall and looked at his spark mate in total awe of her patience and understanding face. “She’s our friend, how can she do this to us?” Jazz cried, Silver hugged him as she strokes his head. “Shh my angel, I’m sure she has a good reason for her choice” she comforts him, she tried to hide the grief of seeing her dearest friend in so much but it didn’t work. She cried on Jazz’s chest, crying because she felt lost of me not being there. Daiatlas walked in, saw Silver crying on Jazz, his spark broke again “No luck young ones?” He asked, Jazz and Silver turned around and shock their heads in defeat “Sorry master, he has something over her or she must love him” Silver cried, Jazz stroked her head.

The End

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