Unbreakable Bounds and Inner Pain

Starscream watched me on his balcony, as hard as he tried he couldn’t get to me. Demolisher was guarding his room, with Cyclonus patrolling outside there was no chance he could get to me. I saw him on the balcony, as I screamed his named in pain, Frostbite pulled me back. “You must stay away from him, he’s inst worthily of you or your passion” Frostbite fought back at me, Cyclonus knelt down, held me close while Thrust went off to get Megatorn. “My lord, Sky she is…” Thrust started, Megatorn got up from his throne and rushed outside. “Sky, my princess what is happing?” he asks while holding me in his arms. “It’s been awoken, icy side the counter part of me Frostbite who is my protector” I replied, screaming in agony. “What can I do?” Megatorn ask, I reach up at him as he places his lips against mine the pain stop. Frostbite give up the fight after the kiss, as our lips departed Megatorn carried me off to our room. Frostbite and I were both tried, from warring over this body and who this body should belong to. Megatorn placed my tried body on his bed, watched the sparks come out of it. “Do not blame yourself for this, Frostbite is my problem. I alone must suffer alongside her” I say to him, while gazing into ruby red eyes. “I do not understand, why do you have to suffer?” He asks, I try to get up and as I walk to him. “With this great power comes a great pain, Frostbite is my inner protector she provides me with the power to become the Ice Ninja” I reply back, as I let my body regain its strength in Frostbite frozen armour. “I wish I could help” Megatorn says while holding me. Frostbite speaks out “Now regain that passion, while I’ll work to repair your body my queen” I lay on the bed; while Megatorn follows afterwards he lends over my broken body and begins to kiss my neck.


“My sweet, sweet princess” He starts, I lent forward and pressed my lips against his with a pain expression on my face, every movement I made was killing me but it was pleasing Frostbite inside. Megatorn held my head, pressed his lips against mine, as he did I placed my arms around him. “My lord, I am yours to command” I reply, Megatorn strokes my middle, passionly kisses it. “So sweet, so tender” He says, I look at smoke of the engines of the Bounty Hunters outside. Cyclonus knocks on the door, “My Lord” Megatorn gets up and answer it, “What is it?!” He voice screamed angered, “A Bounty Hunter is demanding you hand over Sky as his reward” Cyclonus explains, Megatorn walks out angrily, I lay there on the bed waiting for five whole minutes, still nothing. I get up, walk into Megatorn’s throne room and there in front of my eyes is Lockdown and his Second in Command Axer. “Bounty Hunters!” I scream Lockdown and Axer bring out their weapons; I stand in the middle holding my axe. “Sky, no you’re not strong enough” Megatorn cries out to me, Cyclonus and Thrust defend off Lockdown and Axer. “We’ll be back little ninja!” Axer threatens me; I stand and watch them as they leave. Megatorn comes up behind me, places his hand around me and holds me close. “My Sweet Princess, you need rest” He tells me, I turn my head place my hand on his face “I only sleep when you sleep by my side my lord” I reply. Megatorn takes me to our room again, lies me on the bed “Tonight, my princess you shall be queen” Megatorn praises me again; Frostbite was pushing me too far with her little games. Frostbite knew her job was protecting me but I didn’t understand why she made fight her earlier on maybe she senses a tiny part of me turning to love Megatorn one of these days as that tiny part grew. Back at the temple as SkyLark and Drift walked in, Silver looked at them in totally amazement “Well?” she asked, SkyLark just looked at her, then turns to wall and punched it hard and screamed “Dam you Megatorn!” Master Daiatlas heard his screams, “What is it young one?” he asked SkyLark. Lark turn around, looked at his friends then back at Drift “She’s made a deal with the devil master, promised him her body, soul and spark”


Daiatlas looked shocked, the little girl he brought up as his own had gone behind his back and betrayed him. “My little girl…” He said to himself, Silver looked at Daiatlas and asked “Master why are you crying?” Daiatlas turned around to his ninjas and replied “When Sky came to me, after her brother disowned her and Autobots rejected her. I made it my duty to show her a fatherly figure I knew her parents they were students of mine once I would of done them proud to take care of their daughter but she’s always my little girl, I learnt to love her as my own and for her to go behind my back is upsetting” They looked shocked, confused and sadden by the news each one of them didn’t know the whole truth on my reason for staying there. “Lark did you see anything unusual about Sky when you went?” Daiatlas asked, SkyLark thought for a moment and replied “Yea her aura was frozen and cold and her armour had changed” Daiatlas thought for a brief second, “Megatorn must have known about her secret powers and is using her” he replied. SkyLark and Drift shock their heads and replied “But Master, we saw him beg her to stay and confess his love for her” Daiatlas shock his head; he had seen this before “He wants her for her power. With an Ninja he can collect those Mini Cons and rule the galaxy before we can stop this war between the two sides” Drift looked down at his servos, SkyLark frown and walked away, “Silver and Jazz will go and see her again and explain to her how upset I am” Daiatlas ordered. Jazz and Silver went off to get ready, for the long flight there. SkyLark and Drift got to work contacting other Ninjas to help in this cause. SkyLark looked at all the names of the Ninjas, “What about contacting Lily she might know?” he asked Drift, Drift just nodded he was going to contact some of the Autobots to help. “What you crazy, Sky will kill you if you got her brother involved?!” Drift knew he had to do it, bringing in Blurr might break the bounds which bonded me to Megatorn. “Drift to Autobot Base, C’mon in Optimus Prime” Drift started to speak; as he waited for the reply a small noise could be heard. “Optimus Prime here, how can I help?” Optimus responded to the alert call.

The End

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