His Dream, My Nightmare

 My frozen armour had been nickname Frostbite or Icy Goddess by the other ninjas, but now it was known as frozen princess to Megatorn. My whole body looked different, my optics showed instead of having them covered by a visor. My armour was pointy and spiky like frozen icicles, how could this form be safe and controllable. It was hardly prefect in my eyes, back at the temple Daiatlas had called all the ninjas back. “Drift that you?!” Silver shouted out, while running up to him with Jazz following behind. “Yea it’s me, you heard?” Drift replied back, while holding his swords in hand. “Heard what?” Silver replied, Drift pointed to each elements on the board ahead him. “I’m given the element of air or water?” Silver asked Drift, Drift raised his eye brow and replied “Water, Jazz is earth. Prowl is darkness, SkyLark is fire, I’m air and Sky is ice” Silver looked stunned, Chaos Crystals which were collected would be used to upgrade us into a guardian force which lies in between the two warring sides known as the Autobots and the Decepticons but little did they know that my icy side had already been realised by the touch of one bot hand. “Where’s the mater?” Silver asked out loud, Drift and Jazz looked around and saw him coming down the stairs with Warpath and SkyLark. “Dear friends, the hour is upon us” Daiatlas started while sitting down at the grand meeting hall table, Silver looked at Drift and Drift looked at her. “Master what has happen?” Jazz asked out loud, while holding tightly onto Silver hand, “You are my chosen six, all of your have been granted a special element or power” Daiatlas continued, Silver was Water, Jazz was Earth, SkyLark was Fire, Drift was Air, Prowl was Darkness and I was Ice, Ice being my favourite element due to the colours on my armour and so on. “We haven’t received any word from Sky in the last week or so”  Daiatlas explain to his head Ninjas, each one with a blank expression on their faces, well expect from SkyLark who last saw me nursing Starscream back to health after that he was called to the Autobot base to explain to one Optimus Prime why he was there.


Back at the Decepticon base, I sat on the balcony wondering why and how did Megatorn realise this form? Why did he want it so much? It’s dangerous, deadly, unstoppable and sometimes blood thirsty. “My Princess” Megatorn started as he rubbed his head against my neck passionly, “You and I will control this galaxy together” he continued. I looked away, Megatorn places his hand on my face turns it around “How can you find this attractive, it’s a monster and which makes me on” I cry, small icy tears drip down my face, his love realised it and I couldn’t understand why he wanted me like this. “Oh sweet princess of mine, your touch is sweeter than anything on this world” he replies while he pulled me close. I placed my hands on his face, pulled him closer to me “Oh my lord, if this is what you want I shall grant you this one wish” Megatorn placed his arms around me. “Why do you pull yourself away?” Megatorn asked, as I tried to squirm out of his hands, I could hear the distance sounds of the gongs. “My master he calls” I reply, Megatorn becomes somewhat angry, “Well you’re promised yourself to me, not to the Autobots or the Ninjas to me” he says angrily as he holds me tight I begin to freeze a crystal white aura surrendered my body again as I replied “Yes my lord, I am yours. I shall ignore the gongs” The White Aura begin to freeze me, empowering me, Megatorn pinned my arms up to wall while holding them. “My princess, grant me the pleasure of kissing your sweet and tender lips?” he whispered to me. I pulled him closer, lifted my head up towards his lips as my lips pressed against his, the aura strength increased. He wrapped his hands around me, pressed his lips against mine. “Oh sweet princess, have mercy on me” Megatorn whispered as he laid his head on mine. He placed his hand around my leg, as he lent forward to kiss me I heard distance knocking, “SKY!” I heard. I just looked at Megatorn. He let go of me, I stayed by his side feeling ever tied and chain to him, the door became a light in came SkyLark and Drift. “Realise her at once, you have no right to contain her here!” Drift demanded as SkyLark watch my hands grasp tighten to Megatorn. “Taste my fire Megatorn!” SkyLark exclaimed, I blasted SkyLark fire with my icy cold breeze.


“Sky get away from him, he’s using you for your power” Drift exclaimed, trying to fight through Megatorn’s Star Saber, I stepped back looked at Megatorn. “Is it true, you knew about this form?” I ask gazing into his ruby eyes which I had become a custom to. “Its true I knew about this power, but I love you! Since that moment Thrust spotted you and asked you to show yourself I feel instantly in love” Megatorn replied, while grasping my hand. “Leave him Sky, he’s using you. He wants you as a Con, same way Optimus wants you or SkyLark as an Autobot. You must remain neutral!” Drift exclaims at me, Megatorn goes on knee, begging me to stay. I’ve already broken my heart once by loving him, breaking it again would mind leaving him and watching him kill Starscream. “Please Sweet Princess, stay with me. I cannot live without your sweet kiss” Megatorn pleaded with me. His Dream was me staying with him; My Nightmare was breaking that unbreakable bound of a Ninja in becoming a Decepticon. “I have to stay guys, I’ve already promised him my body, soul and spark” SkyLark my closest friend, looked shock and stumble back “No you can’t, you mean your one of them?” Lark replied, I shock my hand “I’m still neutral, but you know the rules once a promise has been made there is no going back” Drift and SkyLark couldn’t feel the warm energy which they had became custom to over the years of working beside me, they only felt the cold hash icy one which now replaced it. Megatorn got up, I cling onto him with frozen white tears dripping down my face and smashing onto the floor. SkyLark and Drift walked out in defeat, flew back to the temple to tell Master Daiatlas the news. I waited, when I couldn’t feel their energies anymore, I realised my tight grip on Megatorn and walked out of the base and fell to my knees in pain. Cyclonus and Thrust came rushing out, when they hear my screams, “Frostbite leave me be! You have my body leave my spark alone!” I scream. The frozen side of me was known by my friends as Frostbite usually comes out if it can sense I’m weak or in some kind of stress. Its voice spoke out with in me “Let me overcome you, let me regain your strength and let’s show Megatorn your passion again” Again? Have I met him before, and where and why? I was so confused “That day your brother disowned you, you fled to the Autobots they denied you because you were a risk and Decepticons thought you were to weak” Frostbite spoke out again.

The End

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