Destoryed and Betrayed: Lovers Broken

As I sat beside Megatorn, he placed his hand in mine. I didn’t know what to do as he lent forwards towards me, I started to feel nervous. “Little Blue, I want you to be with me, that pathetic excuse for a warrior Starscream isn’t deserving of your love” Megatorn continued, pulling me ever closer to him, “If you don’t love me in the same way you love him, I’ll put him offline” Megatorn continued, my spark froze and broke into two. Was he serious? Betray my heart keep Starscream safe or deny Megatorn and lose him forever. Megatorn’s placed his arm around me, pressed his lips against mine I could feel my spark slowly dieing inside. I just sat there in a state of shock, I wanted to cry, and I wanted to run away “So Sky, what’s your answer?” Megatorn asked, I looked down and replied “Ok I’ll do it, I’ll show you the love I had for Starscream but you have to promise you won’t hurt him anymore” Megatorn pulled me closer, I laid on the bed .I felt dead. Cyclonus and Demolisher new the deal was done, because Megatorn didn’t come out angry and nether did I. “Your finally mine, everything about you is beautiful” Megatorn whispered into my ear as he slowly started to kiss down my neck. “I can’t do this” I said, getting up and running out of the door, Starscream heard me crying and tried to follow but he was blocked by Demolisher and Cyclonus. He fought past them and chased after me, “Sky! What wrong? What happen?” He shouted after me, Demolisher blocked the door to my room again. “Back off” Demolisher shouted at Starscream, “Why should I?” Starscream demanded back, “Sky’s Megatorn’s now!” Demolisher shouted back, Starscream stumbled back “No, you’re lying. She loves me” Starscream says in shock.


Nothing is what I feel, betrayed that how I will be feeling and broken that what I am. I sat there in my room, crying in the corner. His hands were all over me, I felt so alone and lost in this world. Suddenly the frozen spark which was lost inside of me, which lay dormant for so long has was awoken again. It changed me once, could it be doing the same thing again to protect me? I picked my self up the ground, walked towards the balcony and sat on the top. Megatorn walked in, “Are they you are my little blue” he says while I gaze into his ruby red eyes. I tried hard to control my anger, my frustration all my feelings wanted to scream, he lends against balcony and looked at me. “My little angel” He continued, his angel. Yet I noticed he still carried the star saber around with him, I lent up towards his lips, while placing my hand on his. As his lips touch mine, his hands wrapped my body and the star saber was dropped. “I love you Sky” Megatorn whispered in my ear, his smooth head rub against my neck as his kissed it. I closed my optics and lift up my visor, “Please stop” I begged but Megatorn continued and then he picked me up. As I lay my head on his chest, a blankness appeared in my optics, he took me into his bedroom. “Oh Sky, you’re beautiful” Megatorn says while he lays me on to bed, I lay there gazing up at him feeling under whelm and sacred. Megatorn placed the star saber down, crawled on the bed over me “Give yourself to me Sky” Megatorn whispered down at me, I lent forward and tried to image it was Starscream as I felt my lips press against his lips. Megatorn wrapped his hands around my body, held me close to his body.  I lay there on the bed, feeling sick to my spark; I had to show Megatorn the same love I had for Starscream and still have for Starscream.


Megatorn lent over my body, kissing all the way down my neck. I lay there blankness trying to blank it all out. “Kiss me Sky, I so want you as my princess” Megatorn whispers. I give in, to Megatorn and submitting myself to his lust. “You win Megatorn, I can’t go on anymore” I reply.  Five Minutes later, with Megatorn asleep and me laying next to him, this time I felt the smallest tears rolling down my face. I just given myself to Megatorn and his lust, was it the right thing to do, I had given all myself to Starscream in love and lust but to keep Starscream alive I had to continue to love Megatorn and show him the passion I have for Starscream. Megatorn awakes, looks at me with his eyes sparkling in the light, my body freezes in a moment of pure fear. “I’m so in love with you little blue” Megatorn whispers to me, he pulls me close and I lay there with head resting on his side. I felt my spark spit into two, slowly watching my armour change into icy cold suit. “You’re changing, to the Icy Ninja the one who has always love me” Megatorn praised, the last time this happen I total lost everything I worked for. “Oh Sky, I’ve been waiting for you” Megatorn whispered to me, I got off the bed and look at the reflection in a scarp of metal. “Your so beautiful my frozen princess” Megatorn continued to praised to me, he pulled me close to him and pressed his lips against mine. I let my arms rest on his shoulder, “How can you love me, when I’m like this?” I asked. He took hold of my hands, “I think this side of you is the most attractive and prefect” He replied, that one word prefect, to him I was prefect like this to others I was known as the Icy Goddess. Gentle on the inside but deadly on outside, “I...” I tried to speak, but before I could finish I felt his lips press against mine again.

The End

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