Torn Apart, Nightmare Begins


Silver replies “One more, then I’ll be right by your side” Jazz smiles to himself knowing that his spark mate will be right by his side in a couple of days. “Until then my love” Jazz replies. They both disconnect from their commlink, continue on looking for the chaos crystals. Somewhere else in Detroit, SkyLark is looking out for Lockdown while I’m sleeping on Starscream peaceful. Midnight has ascended on the world, Starscream, SkyLark and I fell asleep for the whole night. Lockdown found us; I awoke to find Lockdown standing over us, his eyes glaring down at me. I got up with Energy Sword in hand “What do you want?!” I asked, hastily, Lockdown laughed evilly suddenly I felt I strong blast of energy shoot through my body. It shut me offline for a while. Couple of hours later, morning to be more certain it was five in the morning; SkyLark looks down at Starscream and sees I’m not there. “Slag” SkyLark says to himself, looking down at tracks “Bounty Hunter” Starscream awakes doesn’t feel me in his arms. “SKY!” Starscream screams while punching his fist on the rock, “Starscream, steady. I know where she is” SkyLark tells Starscream, Starscream looks at him “Show me” He replies to SkyLark. They both transform and flew off to Lockdown lair inside I’m just coming to my senses to find myself chain and bound to the wall again.  “So your awake I see?” Lockdown says with smirking, “What do you want?!” I reply, weapons on the ground no sign of Starscream or SkyLark. Lockdown walks up to me, lifts my chin up with his hook like hand, I begin to shake in fear last time he did this he left me for dead. “What I want?” Lockdown replies, my hand form to make a fist like state. “Yea what do you want?!” I reply getting more and more stressed and angry. “What I want is you, little femme” Lockdown replies, inside my visor my optics widen and I shake more. Outside flying above the clouds, SkyLark sees an opening and points it out to Starscream, they soar down and straight in the cave. “SKY!” Starscream shouts out, Lockdown places his hand near my head, moves closer. SkyLark sends out his mini con Double Glide to scan the area.


“Sky!” SkyLark shouts out, Double Glide comes back saying that he has found me with Lockdown. Lockdown realises me, drags me further underground. “Starscream!” I shout back, Starscream hears it and runs down after us, SkyLark fights off all bounties on the way. Starscream grabs a part of Lockdown armour, pulls him back “Now you listen to me Lockdown, you ever lay one servo on her again, I’ll put you offline!” Starscream confronts him; Lockdown tries to attack him I quickly run in front. Lockdown weapon cuts though the chains, I’m freed. “Bounty Hunters get her!” Lockdown ordered, Axer his second in command grabbed me held me back while I witness them ganging up on SkyLark and Starscream. “NOOO!” I screamed, trying to break free. SkyLark managed to active his fire cannons; blast them all way for a bit Starscream got up and punch Axer of me. I ran into his arms, as he fell in mine. “Starscream, c’mon on” I cry with him in my arms, “Sky, your alright?” He replies. He gets back up, holds me tight to his chest, I lean up towards him, press my lips against his, he wraps his hands around me and press his lips against mine.  “I thought I lost you” I say softly to him, while holding him tight, Starscream just hugs harder and quietly replies “You will never lose me” SkyLark and I helped Starscream out, down the mountain side to a cosy clearing where for serial days I attended to Starscream’s wounds. He sleeps besides me, as the days went by the load roars of the Autobots and Bounty Hunters grew louder. “Sky?” Starscream whispered, I look at down at him while stroking his head “Yea my love” Starscream pulled himself up, lifted me up in the air and kissed me on the lips. “Oh Sky I love you” Starscream said openly, I gazed into his eyes and replied “I love you too, I won’t be happy if I had didn’t have you” Meanwhile back at the base, Megatorn sat watching us Thrust walked in as Megatorn hand and mood changed. “What’s the problem my lord?” Thrust asked, Megatorn eyes were fixed on the screen once again “I want that femme Thrust, Starscream doesn’t deserve her. She would be prefect as my further spark mate” he replied angrily and there was tiny bit of jealously in his voice too.


“What are you going to do my lord?” Thrust asks nervously, Megatorn hand shakes as he glares at the picture again. “I’m going to have a quiet word with her, alone” Megatorn replies while smirking to himself. “What will you say my lord?” Thrust replies to his masters words. “I’m going to make her an offer” Megatorn replies while smirking again, Thrust at this time is getting confused and very nervous. “An offer?” Thrust replies, while lending against the wall trying to keep calm and collected “Yes my dear friend, I will say to her. May I have moment alone” Megatorn starts, Thrust nods “I look her in the optics and go, I want you that pathetic excuse for a warrior Starscream doesn’t deserve you and if you come with me and love me like you do him I might spare his life” Megatorn continues. Thrust nods and smirks in a way which could make you feel smaller than size of grain of rice. Megatorn wants something, he will get it. Demolisher and Cyclonus grin to each other, wait for Megatorn’s order to go collect me and Starscream from the earth. “Cyclonus, Demolisher!” Megatorn yells out, they run into his throne room and stand ready for orders. “Yes my lord” They reply, Megatorn points to the screen. “I want that femme brought to me, bring Starscream along with you” Megatorn orders them. They fly off to find us; Starscream and I are laying underneath the heavy oak trees when we hear Demolisher cutting down the trees. “Demolisher stops!” I shout as I push his weapon back, “Why can’t I cut these down?” He asks me, “Trees keep Ninjas safe, and you wouldn’t want anything bad happing to me would you” I reply to him, he blushes and Cyclonus comes in smirking. “Megatorn wants you both back at base” Cyclonus tells us, so we all go back to base. Demolisher and Cyclonus stop Starscream from following after me into Megatorn’s throne room. Starscream sits in his bedroom, with Cyclonus and Demolisher guarding his door, he left like prisoner in his own base, what could Megatorn want with me. “Megatorn sir?” I asked him, he turn to me and smile, “Sky, may I have word?” He asks him politely I honoured his request and went upstairs to his room. “Dear little blue, you sweet and beautiful in everywhere” He started.

The End

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