Five which is Now Six: Final and Last Trail

Prowl and Drift had their hands around me, holding me close. I couldn’t watch, was Larky doing it was he winning? I looked back once more saw him on the ground I ran up to glass and shouted “C’mon Lark! You can do it!” I looked in his eyes, as he got up to fight again he smiled at me. “You got it little blue!” Larky screamed back, he transform and flow back into the game, dodging every missile flying at him, slowing but surely opening fire on those drones. We all cheered, as now Lark had his head, and spark in the game “C’mon! Larky show them!” Prowl cheered on. SkyLark last bit of the trail was trying to defeat the largest drone I had ever seen in my life, man was it huge! “I gazed on in amazement, SkyLark look like he was in pain, I ran into the trail and look him square in the eye “SkyLark, have faith! I believe you can do it!” I tell him strongly. SkyLark looks at me, nods in return. I run out, wait by the entrance watching, waiting for him to come out. Because I know, in my spark he will come out with his head held high and sword in the air. Prowl and Drift wait with me, both of their hands on my shoulders, the gong sounded and SkyLark came out we didn’t know if he had done enough to defeat the drone. “Well Done Young SkyLark, you have passed” Daiatlas says to him, while giving him his Head Ninja Badge, Silver and I nod at him. He raises the badge in celebration to his victory, “Ninjas go down to the planet earth and find those crystals” Daiatlas ordered, we all saluted and transform then processed to walk onto the transport pads. Little did we know that each one of us was going to put in different place away from each other, left on our own to home in on skills?


 Silver was placed in tropics of the Amazon rainforest to screech for those crystals there, SkyLark was placed not to far away from me; I was placed in the urban jungle known as Detroit. Drift near the grand cannon, Prowl somewhat near Canada since he loved to read the Canadians and Jazz well he was luck he got New York. “Sky! You there!” I hear a voice shouting out for me, I walk on the highway looking for source of the voice “Yea am here!” I shout back, SkyLark soars in the air to find me. “Larky!” I shout up in a fit of excitement. “I thought you were?” I asked, he smiled and put me on his shoulders. Larky and I had been together since the beginning of our Autobot training, and then we meet up with Silver and Jazz. They induce us to Drift and Prowl since then well we’ve never been apart we were like the muskets All for one and one for all was our motto. “Detroit eh? Isn’t that were you brother is?” Larky replied, I noticed he was right “Hey yeah, we should pop by on the Autobots” I suggest openly. Larky and I do the homie punch, we’re you punch each other knuckles as a sign of friendship.  “Let’s go, then my friend” SkyLark says with almost confident tone in his voice, “Alright, transform and rise up!” I reply to him. We both transform and fly off to the Autobot base, both feeling empty and missing something. SkyLark was running tried, so we decided to land near by in a clearing of a selection on trees, we sat near the mountains and relaxed. “Can you hear that?” SkyLark asked, I ran to the edge of the clearing it was Starscream. “It’s okay, SkyLark” I shouted back, Starscream ran up to me “Sky, I’ve found you again” Starscream says while holding both of my hands. “Starscream, I’ve missed you so” I replied, holding onto his hands tight as my femme like hands could. SkyLark walked up to us, Starscream prepared his weapon for battle, “No, Starscream its okay. He’s my friend” I told him, I put his hand back down “Okay little blue” SkyLark asked, “It’s alright, Larky he’s with me” I replied. SkyLark put his weapons away, walked up to me “I’m SkyLark, nice to meet you” SkyLark spoke to Starscream very calmly, offering his hand as a sign of friendship. “Hi, I’m Starscream. You, two together?” Starscream replied, SkyLark and I laughed “No we’re best pals, that all” SkyLark replied openly, he walked back into clearing to relax again.


“Starscream, I thought?” I started to ask him, Starscream knelt down and replied “You thought I wasn’t coming back because of Cyclonus and Megatorn didn’t you?” I nodded and he continued “Well I’m here, there is no limit of galaxy I won’t travel to see you again” I embraced him tight, he wrapped his arms around me , lifted my chin up and pressed his lips against mine, as I closed my eyes. I slowly raised my arms on his shoulder and pressed my lips against his. “I love you Sky, and I always will” Starscream tells me, I look at him and reply “I love you Starscream, that why I came back” SkyLark hears the roars of engines rear by, “Sky, Bounties!” SkyLark shouts. I nodded at SkyLark, “Let’s show them!” I shout back. Ninja Vs Bounty round two had begun again this time it was two Vs three, SkyLark and I Vs Three of them. Lockdown ordered Axer to look for us, SkyLark tripped him over. “C’mon out and play little Ninjas, we’re not going to hurt you” Lockdown shouted out, SkyLark tripped him over aswel, which gave me another chance to freezes their feet with my energy sword full charged. “Arh my feet” They screamed, SkyLark, Starscream and I all flew over to the Rocky Mountains. Meanwhile somewhere in distance world, Silver was jumping through the tropics where she comes across another five Chaos Crystals. She gets a call on her commlink; from Jazz she answers it naturally. “Hi angel, missing you” She starts, “I’m missing you deeply, madly. I so want to me there with you in the tropics instead of this!” Jazz’s replies, “I know sweetie, but I can fly over there once I’m done” Silver replies, “How many more?” Jazz asks.

The End

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