Finals: Who Shall Fall? Who Shall Raise?

Warpath sounded the gong again so the celebrations would end; I gazed at the empty door waiting for his sweet face to enter it again. I felt so alone, so empty without him by my side. “First Single Trail: Speed. SKYROCKIT!” Warpath sounded out, I took a deep breath and walk to Warpath and saluted him. “Are you ready Ninja?” Warpath asked, I gazed at the door once more, “Yes sir, Am I ready” I replied nervously. “C’mon Sky, go rock the roads!” Silver shouted to me, I looked at her and smirked and replied to the crowds “Are you ready to embrace the speed!” they shouted back “SHOW US!” I walked onto the transport pad, I was transported to a sandy desert strip of land it look prefect for sliding around it the dust. I looked around the place; saw more organics and some of the ninjas who didn’t quite make it like my good friend Lilly. “Sky are you ready!” Warpath asked, building up the tension. I looked at him and replied “As ready as the fastest shooting stars!” Warpath nodded and I transformed into my motorcycle alt mode, rolled to starting line. “SkyRockit prepare your engine!” Warpath shouted, I roared my engine “Your challenge is beat the bounties!” Warpath gave me a hell of a challenge. Bounties the nickname which the Ninjas have been calling the bounty hunters for ages. “In 3” Warpath started, I roared my engine harder “2” He continued. Again roaring my engine harder and harder “1, Begin!” Warpath finished. I roared off racing in between the rocky hills and under grant cannons “Ha, look isn’t she cute guys” One bounty hunter laughed at me, I look at him and speeded up more leaving another bounty hunter in the dust of defeat. “Now who’s laughing?” I shouted back, check point one was up ahead so I speeded up again up to a tone which is 100mph. “Axer shoot her down!” Lockdown shouted out, to his second in command, Axer got on his bike and raced after me. “Oh spark sake, leave me alone will ya!” I shouted back. Speeding up to 130mph at the moment, Axer kept on my tail constantly, so I continued to pass each check point coming near the finishing line and disaster struck Axer shoot at my tire and I skid towards the rocky cliff. I lay injured on the floor, crowd were in shock, and I heard a voice screaming at me “SKY GET UP!” I open my sensors again, saw Silver and SkyLark screaming at me. I fix my tire, transform and race after the bounties gaining more and more ground on them, suddenly Lockdown realises it only the first lap.


“Impossible” Lockdown thought to himself, inside the temple a very familiar face came to watch me in the crowds I saw that red and yellow colour scheme shine though. Rodimus my old sergeant, yeah he was two years older than me but he still looked cool and attractive. “Come on Sky!” Rodimus shouted as I raced past Axer and some other bounties, gaining more ground on their ring leader Lockdown. Suddenly Lockdown lunches an oil bomb on me, I dodge and gain more ground. “Stand down femme!” Lockdown threatens me; I ignore him and race on faster and faster putting my speed up to a total of 230mph. I look back, saw Lockdown in dust again as I raced through the second set of check points, flew over massive cliff edges to the other side I saw the finishing line, gaining more speed to 280mph. Warpath gazed at his stop clock and nodded to himself. “Amazing, less than 5 minutes she reached the last lap” He thought to himself, I started on the third feeling really happy and full energy knowing Starscream was watching, my brother was watching. I heard the news reporters say “Breaking the galaxy’s record for the fastest speed yet on track like this is SkyRockit going at amazing 330mph” I smiled to myself, never looking back to see where the bounties were. I sang to myself as cruised around the bends, I slowed down a little due to fatigue seeing the finish line I raced towards it and speeded past it winning the race. Silver ran down to transport dock; I transformed and raised my sword in victory as I walk on the transport pad. Back at the temple Silver, Jazz and everyone else was waiting for news, I walked in and saw their faces I smiled. “Well?” Silver asked, I smiled showed her my badge. “YOU DID IT!” She screamed, as she hugged me, her trail was up next and I had every bit confidence in her that she was going to past it. Jazz and I watch as she entered her trail, it was fighting how many drones could she defeat in an hour, “C’mon Silver!” I screamed on for her.


Silver fought hard, as the hour went on she became stronger and stronger. When the gong was sounded the number of drones she had defeated was an amazing 134. Warpath opened the door, gave her the badge of the high ninja, “You did it!” I screamed at her, she ran straight in my arms. “We’ve both high ninjas now!” She screamed back, Jazz clapped his hands and walked into his challenge. Silver watched on as Jazz was completing his endurance trail. Hour rolled on, Jazz completes his trail. That was three of the five already chosen, who was going to fall Prowl, Drift or SkyLark? We didn’t know, Prowl was next his trail was a speed one same as mine. Jazz had Silver on his shoulder, I stood by them watching Prowl whirl to avoid any object in his way. Hours went by, Prowl made it to finishing line Warpath handed him the Head Ninja badge too. Daiatlas walked forward, changed to rules a bit “If SkyLark and Drift both pass their tests, there will be six head ninjas in this core” He stated out to us. I looked at Prowl, then at Silver, Prowl put his arm around me and held me close as we watch on at the last two reaming trails. Drift’s trail was sport related, how many times he shoot the ball in the basket while dodging enemy fire, Prowl and I watched in amazement, as Drift raced back and forwards shooting all the time.  Last ball, “C’mon on Drift!” we shouted, he looked at us and nodded. We cheered him on, as he raced to shoot the last ball, he passed his trail as he walked out looking all smirk. “Nice one dude!” Jazz shouted, Prowl and I laughed as Drift was showing off. Warpath gave him his Head Ninja badge, SkyLark walked into his trail, I nodded at him. He saluted back; we all looked on as SkyLark’s trail was flying one. Object to dodge all incoming missiles and shoot his drones down as fast as he could. SkyLark transformed into his aerial form, started his turbo engines and glides past those entire missiles drone squid so beautiful, “C’mon on Larky!” I yelled on, SkyLark nodded and swirled in air and open fire on the drones, he was the master of the air. He taught me all I knew about flying, known to us as Master of Swirl, because every time he flew he would show off with swirls, barrel roles and loops.

The End

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