Friend Vs Friend Thrid and Final Battle

Starscream watches in pain, Drift get up again. Points his sword at me, “YOU ARE MINE!” Drift shouts, I just stand ready for a knock. Drift speeds up to me, I stand still and wait as he comes closer I prepare to jump then he gets a closer as he can, I jump and strike hard, Drift goes sliding across the stadium. “Ouch!” Drift exclaims, in pain I decided to try put everything into my next move to make it a draw, Drift gets back up and charges at me, “C’mon on Sky, I want your best!” Drift says to me, our weapons clash over and over again. I dodge Drift blades, I try to attack with my spear but every time I do, Drift dodges my blades. Drift jumps back charges again, strikes back with his blades straight up my chest, I’ went flying across the stadium. Suddenly I actived my turbo boasters and flew straight back at him, “Impossible!” Drift thought. I throw my spear straight at him, missed him by a small amount of ground. “What’s the matter Drift?” I asked with little bit of energy I had in, “You can fly?!” Drift replied. I nodded and landed on ground again, Drift and I clashed time and time again. Last few minutes of round two we put all energy in our final attack, Drift charges and I charged at him, we clashed with such force it blow both of us back against the sides of the stadium, people outside were asking “Who’s standing? Who’s won?” I managed to pick myself up, Drift picked himself up and we clashed again. Both weak, barely standing Warpath talked with Daiatlas and he decided on a draw. Everyone heard the news, they cheered loudly, “We drew again friend” I said to Drift, Drift walked up to me and hugged me. I fell in his arms, weak and battered, Starscream ran in “Is she?” Starscream asked, Drift shock his head “No she is weak and out of energy” Drift replied.


Drift handed me over to Starscream, Drift and Starscream walked out of the stadium. “Sky no” Silver cried on Jazz, Jazz cuddle her tight. Daiatlas walked to Starscream, and asked if he could put my body in his arms. “No I won’t” Starscream stated as he walked past them, his orange eyes glowed in the dark I opened my eyes to find myself in my room with Starscream sitting beside. “Starscream, that you?” I asked him, he strokes my face “Sky, your online?” he replied. “You defied Daiatlas for me, but why?” I asked again, he sat besides me holding my hand. “Because I love you, I stood on the sidelines watching you kill yourself” Starscream replies, I look into his eyes I saw passion, love and that sanative side I saw before. I reached forward and pressed my lips against his; he wrapped his hand around my broken body and pressed his lips against mine. “You never did get it did you?” Starscream asked, I smile at him “Get what?” I replied. “That I would do anything for you” He replied, Silver walked in with Jazz “Hey Sky, how ya feeling?” Silver asked, I placed my hand on Starscream’s “I’m feeling better now” I replied, Silver smiled and hugged me tight as could be. “Good, because I’ve got some great news” Silver replied while holding a paper document, “Oh what is it?” I asked. She opened the paper document, “This document lists the following that are into finals of the Ninja Trails: Silvershot that’s me, SkyRockit that’s you, Prowl, Drift, SkyLark and Jazz” I looked at her in awe, me in the finals I could actually go all the way to becoming one of the five Ninjas who are the best in the galaxy. All I ever dreamt of was being a Head Ninja and making my brother proud.


“Well Sky, the Finals are single trails to complete” Silver told me, she took out a box coated in Silver and Gold ribbons. “All the ninjas pulled together, made this for you” Silver continued. She opened the box, inside was the most breathe taking sight I did ever see, a Double Bladed beautifully crafted sword. “For me?” I asked, they nodded “Jazz was the one who suggested the double bladed bit” Silver continued to tell me, “Thanks guys” I look closer at the handle, there was a message saying “We’re glad to have you on our side, Sky. Because we’re dam well proud of ya” I felt a warm feeling glowing deep within, I cried “Aww Sky, don’t you like it?” Silver asked, I replied “I love it, I didn’t know how much you guys liked me” Silver looked up at Jazz, he smiled back at her. Prowl, Drift and SkyLark walked in “Did she like it?” they asked, “She loved it so much, she cried” Silver replied. United as one neutral force against the world, working hard to collect, train; protect all forms of life in the universe. Gongs sounded out again, Finals had begun,  “I have to go, Starscream go back to your base and tell Megatorn the news” I told Starscream, he nodded and kissed me on the lips, as I placed my hands on his shoulders and pressed my lips against his. “I love you Sky, please be careful” he whispered into my ear. “I promise I will” I replied into his ear. Starscream nodded and walked on the balcony then flew off, I looked on suddenly I felt very empty inside. I was surrendered by people but why do I feel so alone without him. Silver and Jazz walked into main room, Warpath stood there shouting out the names of finalist “Your Finalist, Silvershot, Jazz, SkyRockit, Prowl, SkyLark and Drift. Only five will succeed into becoming your five best ninja and one will fall in defeat” I walked into main room, hearing the screaming voices of the other ninjas screaming our names out loud, bright lights shinning on me. I knew this was my moment, my moment to show the whole galaxy what I could do.

The End

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