Waiting for him, waiting for love

I sat there, gazing at the picture of Starscream. Daiatlas got up, walked back into the temple, I shortly followed. “Sky!” Silver shouted to me, I waved and ran to her. “Have you seen who ya facing?” She asked me, I shrugged; she pulled me into the main room where everyone else was and pointed to the leader board. “No! It can’t be can it?” I asked, I double checked I was facing Drift? Why! I cannot face my friend. “Hey Sky don’t worry, just to your best” Drift says to me, I look away. “I remember the last time we fought, we drew” I replied to him, Drift puts his hand on my shoulder and says “If we draw this time, it will great but if I lose I will be proud of you” I smile at him, we both go off to prepare for the combat round. I sit alone in changing room, preparing myself, polishing my weapons. “Ok guys, Icestrom, Snowflake combined to make me a double edged energy spear” I ask them, they nod and combined into the spear. I tighten my boots, clean my visor and walk out on the platform, once again I see the crowds of the Ninjas cheering me on. “Ninjas are you ready!” Warpath yells out, I nod and wait for Drift to come out. Drift comes out looking well polished in his white armour and holding his energy swords. “Good Luck Sky” Drift shouts over, I nod and shout back “Good Luck to you Drift!” Warpath prepares the stadium, “Ninjas are you ready!” Warpath yells out again, Drift gives the thumps up and then looks at me. I nod and give Warpath the thumps up, “All Right, Let Begin!” Warpath continues. Drift and I size each other up, suddenly Drift charges and I dodge and double back. “C’mon on Sky!” Drift shouts, I come out of the shadows again and strike him across the chest. “Arh!” Drift cries out, I stand tall raising my spear. Drift gets back up and charges again, this time whacking me across the stadium and hitting the wall. The crowd are up on their feet, cheering “C’mon on Sky!” I do not hear them, I do not respond until I hear the voice “Sky!” I look around and see Starscream there, I get up and charge on Drift, getting faster and faster then striking hard on his chest again. “Arh!” Drift cries out, I gaze at him barely standing and nearly out. “Nice one Sky!” He shouts back, I smile back then he jumps in mid air, I look up and see him crashing down on top of me. Dust gathers in the air, nothing can be seen for a while I crawl out of the crater and try to pull my broken body up right. Drift jumps out and strikes again, I go flying again. “OCH!” I cry out in agony, as my body crashes into ground. “C’mon on Sky!” Drift shouts out, I was able to pull myself up “You asked for it Drift” I shouted back. I charged, gaining speed and then finally ending the first round with an energy strike across Drift pure white body. “Round One Finish! Ninjas prepare yourselves for the second round!” Warpath sounded out, Starscream flew down to entrance and into stadium.


He looked high and low to find me, I was lying on the floor drained off energy and battered. Back at the base, Megatorn was starting to become more impressed by my skills, “She has come along way, hasn’t she Thrust?” Megatorn asks, Thrust nods and replies “She contains the strength of five Autobots, this for a femme is impressive my lord” Megatorn smirks, then replies “Sky will win this easily” Thrust doesn’t agree. “My lord, I doubt she will win or she will win but only by sacrificing herself for the victory” Thrust speaks out, Sideways steps forward and speak against Thrust “I disagree, the blue ninja has the strength, the spark and mind to win this. She takes after you Thrust a master tactician” Megatorn nods, Demolisher and Cyclonus continue to watch the screen; whole universe was watching the Ninja Trails. Even in the Autobot Stronghold, the doubts started to rise, “Sky’s got to win!” Hot Shot states, Blurr looks away knowing what he’s put me through. “I’m proud of you little sis” Blurr says to himself, Red Alert put his hand on Blurr shoulder and says “You have always been proud of her haven’t you?” Blurr nods and replies “Oh course I have, I’ve just never been able to tell her” Optimus and Smokescreen walks back into the main room, “What’s a happenning man?” Optimus asks, they all point to the screen. “Arh the Ninja Trails” Optimus replies, “You know of them sir?” Hot Shot asks. Optimus nods and replies “Of course, every Autobot knows about them. We watch to see who we might get on our team as a Ninja” Blurr walks forward, “My little sis is fighting there” Blurr says worriedly, “Send her a message Blurr” Optimus replies. Blurr looks at screen, back at the temple. “Sky? Can you hear me?” Starscream asks with holding my broken body in his arms, I gaze up at him and smile. “Starscream?” I reply tiredly, Starscream hugs me tight, his cannons shinning in the light, “You did wonderfully out there” Starscream says to me, I look at him and reply “Did I?” Starscream nods and carries me out of stadium.


“Sky!” Silver cries out, as she runs towards the entrance, Starscream is cradling my body. I awaken and reach out for someone; medics are called as soon as possible. SkyLark and Drift push to front, as Starscream lays my body on floor of the medics. “Starscream, what’s happing?” I ask, reaching out for someone Drift cries “Sky, I’m sorry I didn’t mean for this to happen” I look at him “Drift, you did your best you gave your best in the match that all I could of asked for” I reply. Medics Blades and First Aid arrive and start to bandage me up for the second round, “You can’t be serious?” Starscream says, while holding me close to his chest. “Rules are Rules, she must continue to the third round” Blades replies, I nod and reply to that comment by Blades, “It’s alright Starscream, I’ll be fine” Starscream holds me tight, refusing to let go off me. “No I won’t let you!” Starscream cries out, I listen to his spark beating away, “Starscream, you have to trust me this time” I say to him while lying in his arms. Starscream nods and replies “I do trust you because I love you” Starscream helps me to stand up right again, wobbly and unsure I continue to walk to the platform. Drift meets me on the other side of the stadium, “Drift don’t feel guilty, we’re still friends and we’ll always will be” I say to Drift, Drift nods and replies “Ok Sky, give me the best you have” I nod. Warpath signals to the others, “Ninjas are you ready!” He yells out, to us. Drift gives the thumbs up, I give him a nod. “Let’s get ready to fight!” He continued. Drift charges and I prepare to dodge, Drift comes closer and closer before he could hit I dodge with a back flip and strike with my energy spear. “Nice One Sky” Drift says while our weapons reflect of each other, “Not this time Drift!” I reply to him, I jump back and charge again. Knocking Drift back, his body bounces off the wall. I do my battle cry, the scream echoes throughout the temple, Starscream watches on in horror.

The End

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