First Trails: Proving Them Wrong

I had a new chance, to show them I was different. I wasn’t the same as my brother or my mother or my father; I was different but just as good as them. That I wasn’t a down guard, I glided past all the tragic and on the sight of the finish line I started the turbo engines in me. First lap was complete, onto the second I thought to myself I was actually doing something right, I had people cheering for me and not booing at me. Prowl was gaining ground on me, I panicked and slowed down letting him over take me. Crowed Cheered “C’mon Sky, you can do it!” I raced on, gaining on Prowl with new lease on life, getting faster and faster until we were at equal footing. Racing side by side trying to get in front of each other.  “You can tell that you take after your brother in the speed department” Prowl laughed to me, I giggled and over took him. I saw the finishing line again, speeded up again, I saw the organics cheering and I heard them cheering. “Their cheering for me” I thought to myself, time to show them what I can do. Third and Final Lap, time for a showdown Prowl caught up and we gave them a battle to watch just a much a real combat this race wasn’t over, Prowl over took me so I over took him at every step of the way. Crowd were on their feet, cheering us on it’s like favourite vs. favourite they couldn’t make up their minds who was their ultimate favourite. Daiatlas and Silver were back at the temple watching in awe, that Prowl and I were giving all the organic such as show. “Sky is doing great isn’t she Master?” Silver asked Daiatlas, “She is young one, I’m proud to call her my ninja” Daiatlas replied.


Prowl and I were reaching the last turn, we raced around it and I pulled all energy into over taking Prowl on the home straight. “What!” Prowl said to himself, “Sorry Prowl” I replied back, he laughed and tried to catch up with me. It was so close; no one could tell who had won. Daiatlas and Silver look at the replay, it looked like we had both past the finishing line equal to each and at the same time. The crowed roared with cheers, all the ninjas back at the temple cheered and clapped, Prowl transformed and so did I. I looked around, saw people clapping and cheering then turn to watch the replay we both won, we were both into the second trails. Prowl put me on his shoulder, as we raised our hands in victory I had proved them all wrong I showed them I had the speed to compete with my older brother. “You did it Sky, your proved them all wrong” Prowl said to me, he put me on the ground again. We hug each other in victory; we had put each other to the test. Testing each other to the end limits, through harsh turns, narrow straights, and single tunnels and so on, but the best bit for me was hearing all those people cheering for me to go on. Prowl and I walked back onto the transport pad and saluted the crowed, they cheered and saluted back. Back in the temple, Prowl and I walked in the watching pad and everthing went silent we looked at each other then suddenly everyone cheered loudly and clapped loudly. “Well done guys!” Silver cheered as she came running towards me, glomp on me.  “Thank Silver” I replied as I hugged her. I looked at the window, I wanted Starscream here. Back at home base, Cyclonus and Starscream were watching the reaction cam, they saw something was missing in my eyes, both of them thought it was them. Cyclonus transformed and raced off to the temple, Starscream shortly followed. “I’m getting there first Starscream!” Cyclonus shouted while trying to push Starscream out of balance, I ran to the window, watched for a glimpse of him coming. But nothing, I walked out of main holding area and went into bedroom disappointed. Not disappointed about the trail, but disappointed that no one came to see me, no Starscream or Thrust no one.


Sitting alone, on my bed looking at the picture of Starscream, I pick it up and took it to the balcony. I sat on the top pillar of the balcony for a while, gazing down and around looking for a sign of someone coming. Cyclonus and Starscream are still fighting to get to me, I see a red flash with another colour, “Starscream, Cyclonus?!” I shout up at them. Starscream sores down to me, Cyclonus follows, “Sky, you were amazing out there” Cyclonus praised me, Starscream walked away defeated again. “Ha! Looks who’s the loser!” Cyclonus mocks Starscream, it breaks my spark to see them fighting. Starscream senses my upset and low energy turns around and says to Cyclonus “Your ignorant foul ya know that!” Cyclonus was caught off guard by the comment, “Ignorant!” Cyclonus shouts back. Warpath hears them arguing, goes storming around the back “Outsiders!” Warpath shouts. I jump down from the balcony and rush in front of Warpath, “No Warpath! I’ve got this!” I tell him strongly. “Ok little blue, I go now” Warpath replies, as he walk back I sigh deeply. Cyclonus and Starscream are called back to Megatorn at once, guess he wasn’t too happy with them sneaking out. I watch them fly away, just hoping one of these days they would stop arguing, summit to waiting for my choice. Wasn’t going to happen, I sat under the balcony for a couple of megacycles listening to the cheers as another trails finishing. Daiatlas walked around the corner, saw me sitting in the shadows with my eyes closed, “May I join you young one?” Daiatlas asked, I nodded and he sat next to me, “Is there something troubling you, Warpath told me he saw two mechs fighting” Daiatlas continued, I looked at the picture of Starscream with broken glass in it. “Aww, so he’s your favourite?” Daiatlas asked, I nodded and brushed the broken glass of the picture, suddenly I notice I had cut myself “Ouch!” I cried.

The End

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