The Trails of the Ninja

As I sat there, listening to Daiatlas explain the rules of the trails, “You are allowed to invite people to watch you during the trails young ones” Daiatlas states one of the many rules out loud. I have an excellent idea; why not invite Megatorn and his team and my brother Blurr. “But your only allowed to invite a certain number” Daiatlas continues, I ask “Who many sir?” Daiatlas looks at me and then thinks, “Max is 3 young one” he replies to my question. “Oh” I reply sadly and sit back on my seat. Silver hugs me, smiles at me, and three that wasn’t fair! Daiatlas lights the Ninja torch and opens the trails, before I look at the first trail I ran up to my bedroom again. I sat on my bed thinking for a couple minute until I heard the singing again, I run out onto the balcony and gaze down. “Starscream” I say quietly to myself, he flies up to me “I couldn’t stop thinking about you” Starscream replies, and I look around in my room. He sits on the balcony with me, “What are you doing here, you might get caught?” I ask him nervously, “I wanted to see you again, I don’t care if I get caught” he replies. Silver knocks on the door, “You must go” I say to him, Starscream flies back down and hides in the shadows. “I heard you talking to someone, who ya hiding?” Silver asked, I rolled my eyes and replied “Err…No one” Silver could read me like a book, she could tell I was hiding something from her, “Sky, we have been friends since year one, we’ve never kept anything from each other. So what ya hiding” Silver replied. I took her hand and we jumped down from the balcony, “Starscream?” I ask out loud. Starscream came out from behind and swept me off my feet, “Hey my little blue angel” He replies, Silver stumble back. “Sky, what is he doing here? He’s an outsider” Silver replies.


Starscream puts me down, I walk to Silver she was confused as I was. “Silver, can you keep this a secret for me?” I ask her, Silver turn around and nod to me. “Thanks you best friend” I reply to her while hugging her. “Sorry about my reaction, it’s a very tense time at the moment” Silver apologizes to Starscream; Starscream nods and wraps his hands around me. “So why is it so tense?” Starscream asks, the gongs sound again the first trails have begun, “Ninja Trails, they separate the weak from the strong, scared form the brave” I reply to him. Gongs sound again, I look at Starscream “We must go” I tell him. Silver runs off, I try to follow her but Starscream grabs my hand and pulls me closer. “Starscream” I say gently to him. He presses his lips against mine; I place my hands on his shoulders and slowly press my lips against his. “Sky comes on!” Silver shouts to me, I finish kissing Starscream and run off after her. Starscream flew off back to the base, First Trails had begun. Silver and I look on the board to see how was facing who. “I’m facing Nightstar, you?”  Silver asked me, I look on the board “I’m facing Prowl, oh my spark” I replied. Prowl was a legend same was Jazz. Silver went off to prepare for her first challenge, I watch the others and it was racing along the path of urban cities. Wahoo I got this one! “Hey little blue, how’s it hanging?” A voice said from behind me, I turned around and I saw Prowl. “Hey Prowl” I replied. He looks at the board, he too was in shock, and he was facing me. “Next Challenge! Silver Vs Night” Warpath sounded out, Silver rushed to loading ground, so her challenge was a fighting. While mine was racing, “Each Ninja has been assigned a different challenge” Prowl told me, I smiled and nodded. Prowl and I stood watching Silver for 4 hours until she came out, with the first medal. “I did it, I’ve passed!” Silver screamed “Well done!” I replied back. I ran up to her and hugged her.


Prowl and I were next, “Hey don’t worry Sky, just do your best” Prowl says to me while hugging me. “You deserve it more than me Prowl” I reply, Prowl hugs me tighter. “Next Challenge! Prowl Vs Sky!” Warpath sounded out. I took a deep breath and walked onto the transport pad. “Good Luck Sky” Silver shouts while waving, I wave back. I was transported to an urban city of which I didn’t know the name, but I did know all eyes would be on me at this moment. I looked around and saw cameras recording my every moment, news reporters asking the winners how did they feel and what this means to them. “Good Luck Sky” Prowl said to me while giving me a homie hug, “You too Prowl, let the best ninja win” I replied. Warpath showed the track, on an eclectic map on the screen. “Ninjas Prepare to Transform!” Warpath sounded out, Prowl transformed into a police motorcycle, I transform into sport motorcycle and we rolled to the starting line. “Ok Ninjas start your engines!” Warpath stated, the tension was high, all went quiet. I start my engine; prepared myself for the last time. “Ok, on your marks” Warpath continued, I roared my engine “Get Ready!” Warpath was just teasing us now with the gaps in between. I roared my engine again. “GO!” Warpath finished. I raced off in front of Prowl, Prowl coughed with fumes and followed behind me. Dodging all the tragic was going to be hard, Prowl gaining ground on me I looked back and then forward again. Then bad luck struck, I swirled to avoid an old lady crossing the street and ended up getting the side of the wall. Everything went quiet, I transformed into my robot self and check myself over, Prowl was waiting to see if I was ok. “C’mon Sky! Don’t give up!” Prowl and Crowd cheered at me. I got myself up again, I heard the news reporters shout “SHES UP! SkyRockit is up!” I transform and raced past Prowl again. “That’s my friend” Prowl says to himself, using every bit of my speed, my body, my spark and my mind to win this race to prove to everyone I not a down guard and I’m just as good as my brother Blurr.

The End

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