Fued Grows, Crying Gets Worse

Inside the temple, SkyLark and Thrust find my room locked. “Sky you in here?” SkyLark says through the door, I do not answer him. I continue to cry, over and over again. Saying to myself “Why do you they fight over me, I’m not worth it” Crying inside and crying outside, Daiatlas walked up to SkyLark and placed his hand on SkyLark shoulder and said “What is happing young one, and who is your friend?” SkyLark saluted Daiatlas and replied to his question, “This is Thrust, one of Sky’s friends and Sky has locked herself in her room” Daiatlas had the keys to every room in the temple; he gave SkyLark the key to my door and opened it. “Sky, what’s the matter?” Daiatlas ask me, I sat up and tried to control the tears but they wouldn’t stop. “They were fighting over me, again. I’m not worth it” I cried to him, Daiatlas was like a father to me always there when I need him and always wise and knowing. Daiatlas and SkyLark heard footsteps, and a voice shouting my name over and over again. “Starscream?” I asked, not knowing if it was him or not, Thrust and SkyLark went downstairs and saw Starscream looking for me. “Starscream, what are you doing here?” Thrusts asks him, Starscream looks at him in awe and then replies “Because I love her and need her”


Starscream rushed to my room, walked into my room. His eyes soften, his face sadden he walk up to me. I got up from my bed, “Sky I’m sorry, I didn’t mean for this happen” Starscream said as he looked away from me, I placed my hand on his face and turn it to me, “Starscream, it’s not your fault its mine” I replied to him. Daiatlas got up and left the room along with Thrust and SkyLark. Starscream eyes watered a little, he was hurting too “Oh Starscream, I love you so much I would gladly die for you” I said to him while placing my head on his chest. “Sky, the first time I saw you again my life regained its purpose and that was being with you, seeing you everyday” He replied back, I knew we couldn’t be together we had things stopping us. Starscream had Cyclonus and possible Megatorn stopping him, I had my past haunting me and the Bounty Hunters. “Don’t you find it amazing, that someone like you could fall in love with someone like me?” Starscream asked, I asked myself the same question every time I saw him. “It’s amazing, because we have so many things trying to stop us” I replied, our passion for another would had to remain a secret. Starscream lent down, pressed his lips against mine. For that one moment the world and everything in it stop for me, I put my hand on Starscream shoulders and pressed my lips against his. “Starscream I love you” I whispered in his ear, he knew the same as I knew we would have to keep it a secret from everyone expect ourselves. “Sky, I’ll never leave you again” Starscream replied to my whisper. His arms wrapped around me, I laid my head on his chest. “Starscream you need go, I need to stay here” I told him, Starscream placed his hands around me “When will you be back?” he asks, I look away and reply “ I don’t know, I might sent to earth or I might not” Starscream takes my hands, “I’ll visit you everyday to see your face again” he replies to me. I place my hands on shoulders and kiss him of lips. He wraps his hands around me and presses his lips against mine. “Oh my blue angel, I’ll see you tonight” He whispers in my ear. Starscream and I walked onto the balcony; I looked at him and kissed him once more before he departed.


Back at the base, Megatorn was waiting on the news. As Starscream entered the whole room when silent, “So Starscream any news?” Megatorn asked him, Starscream does not answer and walks into his room closing the door behind him. “This must mean, that Sky has been told to stay with the Ninja” Thrust states, he would be correct I was told to stay at the temple for reason behind my thinking ability. Gongs rung out from every corner of the galaxy and all I saw was every Ninja gathering. Silver came into my bedroom, placed her hand on my shoulder “C’mon on Sky, you’ll see him again” She said calmly to me, we walked down into the grand meeting area. Daiatlas stood up, “You all know why we are gathered here” He stated, his voice was grand and powerful, “To protect, to severe, to learn” SkyLark replied to Daiatlas, Daiatlas nodded and sat back down again. “The Annual Ninja Trails have started, the five best Ninjas who pass it will be worthily of calling themselves Head Ninjas” Daiatlas continued. I looked at Silver, she looked at me could it possible the Ninja trails? Were only heard of them from teachings that The Ninja’s Trail would separate the excellent well trained ninjas from the weaklings. The news of the Ninja trails speed across the galaxy, reaching Megatorn. In the base, “Ninja Trails eh?” Megatorn speaks conveniently; Thrust steps forward “Do you think she’ll pass?” Thrust asks. Starscream walks back into the room, “I know she’ll pass” Starscream replies to Thrust question. Megatorn looks at Starscream face, smirking “You have faith in that little ninja?” Megatorn asks, Starscream nods his head and says “Faith, trust and love for that ninja. She’s one of the best”  Thrust looks at Megatorn, then back at Starscream “I believe, all the ninjas goes through the process and only the five strongest who survive will be granted the honour of becoming Head Ninjas” Thrust states, with strong tone in his voice.

The End

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