Hope Will Shine Through


As I slowly lay my head back on the pillow, I gaze at the wall. Demolisher places his hand in mine, I feel somewhat at ease with a big bot around. “Good Night Sky” he whispers into my ear and kisses me on the check. Demolisher gets up and leaves me sound asleep. Outside Cyclonus and Starscream are still arguing, Demolisher orders them to stop because I am sleeping inside the room. Starscream and Cyclonus go back their bedrooms; Demolisher and Thrust do the same.  Dreaming of a simpler time, were I can see my brother standing tall and saying to me “Well Done little sis, I’m proud of you” which well only be a mere dream. Blurr will never be accepting of me or even be proud of me because he was always the better one the upgrade while I was the down guard. I sleep the whole night through, morning comes as the bright star known as the sun arose and shone its beautiful rays upon our base, I awake and yawn. Demolisher comes into my bedroom, with an engeron cube on his hand. “Here we go” He says while sitting down next to me, I smile at him and eat the cube. After eating the cube I feel somewhat better, I get out of bed and Demolisher and I walk into Megatorn’s Throne Room again. “Morning Young Ninja” Megatorn says politely, I smile and reply back “Morning Sir” Thrust walks into the room, waves to me I run up to him. “I want to see you in comet training, so I can see how strong you are” Thrust tells me, I nod and head out to the comets. Thrust stands by watching me, as I slice through the comets one by one. “Amazing” Thrust says to himself quietly, “Icestrom, Snowflake combined to make me hydro cannon” I ask them, they pop out and attach themselves to me forming a hydro cannon, I blast the bigger comets with my cannon. “Impressive as a warrior” Thrust continues to say, near by Starscream and Cyclonus are watching me too.


Starscream walks up to me, grabs my hand and pulls me close. “Missed me?” He says while smiling, “What are you doing here?” I reply. He looks at me in shock, “I wanted to see you again my blue angel” he replies while twirling me around. “Starscream, won’t you get into trouble again?” I ask him, while lining on his chest, he looks around and then looks at me. “Sky, I would get into trouble for you any day” Starscream replies, “Aren’t you being a little crazy, following me?” I reply back Starscream just gazes at me, then sweeping me off my feet “Just on chance?” he says, “There no way” I say jumping off him. “Just one chance in the name of love?” he replies. I begin to walk away “There no hope for us Starscream” I reply to him, “Don’t, leave me this way because I can not survive without you” he replies while running in front of me. He takes my hands, “Just one night, one chance in name of love?” He asks me, I place my hands on his face and press his lips against mine. He places his hands around my sides and pulls me closer as mine lips pressed against his. I knew I had answered his question, I loved Starscream that much and I knew my heart was in the right after all. “Ohhh Starscream, you’re sweet” I say to him while resting my head on his chest, Cyclonus flies towards us. “Starscream!” Cyclonus shouts loudly while storming towards Starscream. Cyclonus pushes me aside, as I fall on the comet rocky surface. Thrust flies up to me, “Sky, are you alright?” Thrust asks me while helping me again. “Yeah I’m alright just upset” I reply, he smiles at me and hugs me. “What the hell is your game Cyclonus?” Starscream yells back, Cyclonus shoves Starscream and replying to Starscream shouts “You had your chance the last time, let me show her what I real con can do!” Starscream laughs loudly, and punches Cyclonus on the ground.


Demolisher and Sideways join, Thrust and I. Its breaking my spark seeing those two fights like this over me, I’m not worth it. So I fly off again, crying and hurt. “Sky!” Starscream shouts, Thrust follows me to just check if I’ll be ok. I find the Ninja Temple again and run into it crying and straight into my room. “Chaos Ninja Stronghold” Thrust says to himself, as he enters after me. Warpath stands in his way, “Let me though I need to see if my friend is ok!” Thrust demands, SkyLark runs up to Warpath and see Thrust at the door to the temple. “Its ok Warpath let him in” SkyLark says to Warpath while nodding to Thrust. Thrust tells SkyLark what has happen and they screech together to find me. Back on the comet, Starscream and Cyclonus were still arguing “You jerk Cyclonus, now she’ll never love me!” Starscream shouts back, while pushing Cyclonus on the ground. Cyclonus gets back up “You just think you’re the best because you’re Megatorn second in command you do what you like, getting all the femmes for yourself!” Cyclonus slams back, Starscream walks off not bothered with Cyclonus childish tantrum. “Come back here and fight you coward!” Cyclonus screams at Starscream as he walks back. Sideways walks up to Starscream, “What was that all about?” Sideways asks Starscream, Starscream looks to the starry heaven above and sighs “I love her Sideways, but Cyclonus wants her too” Starscream replies.  Sideways puts his hand on Starscream shoulder and replies “Maybe you should try to impressive her with your amazing sword skills?” Starscream sighs and replies “No, she wasn’t attracted to me by that. She was attracted by my sanative side” Sideways laughed.

The End

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