The Tears for today, which will become trust tomorrow

I look at Starscream, then back at Demolisher and Cyclonus. They looked at me, SkyLark held me close to him, “She has lived through the hurt of being torn from a loved one before, make sure it doesn’t happen again.” SkyLark tells them, Starscream walks up to me, places my hands on his chest. “Let me win back your heart, Sky?” he asks, Cyclonus pushes him aside and grabs me. “You had your chance!” Cyclonus shouts at Starscream, Starscream recoils and walks away defeated. That’s not the Starscream I knew, the one I knew was a brave, noble snowman with the soft side of a love bird. “Please Sky, give me a chance?” Cyclonus asks, I break away from Cyclonus and walk away in confusion, after all the years of trying to learn how not to love because once you know of the dangers which love causes you never want to relive them. Inside a small room, I sit in the corner crying. Crying of confusion, crying of lost, crying because I’m sure if my heart is doing the right thing to let ether mechs into my life again. I see a small balcony or opening in the room, a walk out onto it, and I stare outside at the wild open cosmos. I hear a small singing voice echoing off the walls, and straight in my heart I look down and I see Starscream. “Why is thou femme unhappy?” he asks me while flying up the balcony, “Because this femme can’t fall in love again” I reply shallowly. Starscream looks shocked and confused, “Does the femme not trust me?” he replies, I gaze at his loving eyes once more before walking off. Starscream flies in front of me, I giggle softly and sweetly. “A life without love that’s terrible” he replies, I look at him and shack my head before replying “Losing a battle of the heart is terrible”


Starscream looks away, “I didn’t mean to hurt you” he says quietly to me. “It wasn’t you, it’s down to fact I’m neutral in this war.” I reply back to him, while continuing staring at the floor. “Sky, I wouldn’t care if you were an Autobot, I would still love you” he replies while walking closer to me. I stay in the same place, holding my arms and feeling the cold, salty tears running down my face. Starscream kneels and wipes the tears from my eyes, I hold of his hand with my two tiny hands. “Starscream, soon I will have to go” I tell him with a sad tone in my voice, he looks at me in shock. “Go where?” he replies. Megatorn walks into the room, sees Starscream and me holding each other hands in a very sense moment, “Where are you going Sky?” Megatorn asks aswel, “My master calls me back to the temple for a few days” I reply. Megatorn eyes widen, Daiatlas is alive. Old Ninjas masters were gathering, every neutral ninja from every point in the galaxy were gathering to disgust matters. “When you return, I shall be waiting to finishing your training young ninja” he replies somewhat understanding me. Megatorn walks out of the room, he sees Demolisher and Cyclonus talking, they salute their commander and leader as he walks past them. “Why is it that Megatorn looks displeased?” Demolisher asks Cyclonus, Cyclonus shrugs and walks towards the room where Starscream and I are in. He slowly turns the handle, my spark beats passionly, “Go, you must go before he comes in” I say to Starscream in a worried tone. “I will see you again tomorrow?” Starscream asks me, I placed both of my hands in his and look into his wonderful eyes then reply “Of course, as sure as the sun sets, now go” He kisses me, on the lips as my hands drop my sides he slowly realises.


Starscream leaves and goes back to his room; I sigh deeply and wait on the balcony. Cyclonus opens the door, sees me looking at into the cosmos. Cyclonus can sense Starscream been in, something has happen because the burnet marks from his thrusters were left on the ground. “Starscream!” Cyclonus yell furiously, he races towards Starscream room and knocks down the door. Starscream gets up of his bed “Now what do you want!” Starscream shouts at Cyclonus, Cyclonus punches Starscream down. As I run into the room, I see Cyclonus over Starscream and run out again crying they both cry “SKY WAIT!” I fly far away from their base and past the comets field straight into the quiet corner of galaxy known as the Starry Region. Thrust flies after me, he find me on a small icy asteroid crying in pain. “Primus, Sky are you alright?” he says while lifting me off the floor, “It’s not fair, Thrust. My whole life as a Ninja I have tried to avoid this from happing” I cried to him, Thrust was a trusted friend; he was one of the bots I idolised when I was growing up. I looked up at him; he smiled and helped back on my feet. “You’re confused, your heart and mind are saying two different things and you are unsure which to follow is this correct?” Thrust asks me, while caring me back to the base. I lay my head on his chest, slowly close my eyes. As he re enters the base, he gives me to Demolisher to take to my bedroom. My bedroom, Demolisher lays me on my bed and sit by my side until I open my senses again. “Hey, Sky” he says sweetly, I look at Demolisher as he smiles down at me, “Hey Demolisher, what happen?” I ask him.

The End

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