Connection is There

Cyclonus gets up, and then walks closer to me. I stop my sword practice, look up at him; he puts his hands round around me. I begin to feel really uncomfortable; Starscream walks in and pushes Cyclonus off me. “Back off half wit” Starscream says with a glare in his eyes. I walk off; Cyclonus gets ticked off big time, “What’s your problem!” Starscream looks on as I walk into Megatorn’s throne room, “My problem is Cyclonus! My problem is…” Starscream replies with an angry tone, he pines Cyclonus up against the wall, looks straight in his eye. “I don’t want her to get hurt, that’s my problem!” Starscream shouts, I hear him and smile to myself. Megatorn arose from his throne and walks down to me. “It’s an honour to train under your warriors my lord” I say nervously, Megatorn places his hand on my shoulder. “I believe you will become my new solider” he says to me with a twinkle in his eye. “But Megatorn, I’m not worthily to fight alongside the likes of Thrust and Starscream or yourself” I reply, Megatorn kisses my hand and walk towards his throne again. Snowflake pops out again, points to a shooting star outside. “For every star that falls, a wish is granted for the strongest warrior” I spoke out loud, Thrust comes back in with his mini con. “Miss Sky, you would you do me the honour of practicing with me?” he asks, Megatorn smiles and sits back on his grand throne.


Thrust and I start to practice, so far its going good. Until slam, I slide across the floor and hit the brick wall. “OCH!” I exclaim in agony, Thrust runs up to me and he kneels down to ask “Are you badly hurt?” I look up at him and get back up on my feet. “Badly Hurt?” I reply with a smile. Thrust blushes and smiles back at me. I bring out my spear this time, Icestrom with my other Mini Con and Snowflake combined to make a two bladed one. “Woo Nice” Thrust says with a surprised look on his face, I smile back and run towards him with great neck speed. “Take this!” I shout, as the blades whack Thrust backwards and onto the wall. Demolisher and Cyclonus walk into the room, to see what is happing. “Come on Thrust!” they shout to cheer him on. Thrust just looks on, nods at them and charges at me; I prepare for a move and as his gun blazes bullets. I dodge with some simple back flips and shield tricks, Megatorn claps I could tell he was impressed by my skills. Demolisher’s jaw is wide open, Sideways looks on in awe, and I charged again and lunched Snowflake into battle. “Snowflake combined and makes me an Energy sword” I shout, Snowflake combines with Icestrom with other Mini Con and knock over Thrust again with just forces. “Your skills are impressive young ninja” Thrust says while trying to steady his nervous, I bow and honour my friend. “Snowflake, Icestrom combined” I whisper to them, they combine into a spear this time.


As I walk out of Megatorn’s throne, I glance around and see Starscream at the exit. Starscream turns around, looks at me and turns back. I place my hand in his, he looks shocked and confused. “Hello my angel of darkness” I say sweetly to him, he gazes into my loving eyes and smiles warmly. “I’ve missed you everyday, everyday I look into the wide open cosmos and every star in this cosmos shone with the image of you” He replied, my heart was screaming and my head was spinning but even the greatest neutral ninja needs to be careful when entangling themselves into another love spiral. I was just rushing myself into more hurt, more pain then before, I couldn’t go through that again. I ran off into cosmos, leaving Starscream there in the exit. Demolisher and Cyclonus ran to Starscream, “What did you do?” they ask him. Starscream sighs, watches me fly back to the ship. “Starscream, what did you?” they ask him again but yet no answer. Heartache fills my heart and sorrow fills me to brim, I want to cry but I know I have to be strong. SkyLark sees me, flies up to me and I fly straight in his embracing arms and sob. “Hey little blue, what’s troubling you?” SkyLark asks me, while lifting my head up, I look at his glowing face and reply shakily “I do not think, I could relive though the hurt of losing him again” SkyLark takes my hand, flies off with me behind, I didn’t understand why he was doing this. Demolisher and Cyclonus point to SkyLark flying, “What are you doing here!” they shout at him, he smirks and revels a very upset me. “Sky, why the tears?” Demolisher asks, while holding my hands. “I…don’t think I can allow myself to fall in love again” I reply.  

The End

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