Hint of the Past, Enters the Presants

Drift manages to grab it, transformers into a very slick, well polished sports car and speeds off. SkyLark transformers into fighter jet and follows behind him, leaving me hovering in mid air staring down at my brother. Blurr looks up, “I…thought you were?” he says nervously, I look down back at him and reply “You thought I was dead, well brother how do like me eh? Still not good enough to be an Autobot so I join the Ninjas!” Blurr backs away slowly; I look towards the heavens and fly off toward my friends. Hot Shot and Smokescreen look at Blurr in awe, wondering why he chased me away from fighting under the Autobots. Blurr looks at them and states “That femme is my sister, even though she looks impressive she will never be like me” The Autobots returned back to their shelter, while us on the hand we back into space. I was back on the comets training while SkyLark and Drift chasing each other around on distance planets. While jumping from one comet to another, I hear a slight thud. “I’ve heard you ran into our enemies then young Ninja?” the voice said, I continue to look at the distance cosmos. I reply back, shallowly “You mean those down guards that you call Autobots, yes my brother is one of them” Behind was Megatorn, Cyclonus, Starscream and Thrust.


Silver flies above me, circling the area just incase. I have no fear of being attacked, Megatorn walks forward, I stay put just facing the fast cosmos, “What will it take for you to show me your skills Ninjas?” Skills? I have many of them. I turn and reply “Skills? Why would you want to see my skills? I’m not the best ninja on this neutral base?” Megatorn smirks again, then he looks towards Starscream and back again at me. “I know from watching you ninja, that you hold many secret talents” I fold my arms and turn around to face them, all the time saying to myself do some work with them and they might in turn leave you alone with Starscream. My spark screams yes while my brain countermands it by screaming no. I reply to Megatorn, “Secret talents? Me? You have the wrong ninja” Starscream holds sight on me, while all along hoping that I would turn around and say yes to staying with them for a while. Thrust steps forwards, “I offer to train her” he offers and I looked at him. Megatorn nods, so does his men. “It’s a tempting offer Thrust, but I’m on sure if our boss with will allow it?” I reply.


Sliver transformers and lands next to me, “Sky, Daiatlas always says that our training and homing in on our skills is one of the most important things a Ninja can do. So in the interest of you and our ninja’s go for it” Sliver explains to me, Daiatlas is our leader and his words echo in my brain for a while. “Thrust, Megatorn sir. I accept your offer” I reply to Thrust he blushes, as he walks forward and kissing my hand. We all fly back to their base, I walk in and my eyes begin to wonder. “Starscream?” I ask quietly as I walk around my new training ground. Megatorn and Thrust begin to talk to each other, while I sit patiently with the others in a separate room. Cyclonus and Sideways stare at me; it begins to get really tried after a while. So I begin to do a little bit of training as I wait. Demolisher comes in, eying me up like the others “Hey baby, how about you and I get together” He flirts, I blush I have never had this much attention before. Snowflake pops out, points to my necklace glowing. “You have a mini con to?” I ask Demolisher, careful. He shows me his mini con called Blackout, “Hey there little guy” I say softly Blackout, Blackout looks up at him and smiles back.

The End

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