The Ninja Vs Bounty Hunter

I hover in the air for a while, I see a quick flash of red could it be Starscream. Drift points to another one of the Bounty Hunters running away. I active my turbo jets and fly after him, then landing in front of him. “Lockdown!” He takes three steps back wards and tries to run the other way, I quickly chase after him but failing to notice that he was pointing his gun straight up at my wing. “Take this you stupid pest!” He shouts up at me, while shooting a cold hard blast of plasma at me. I scream in pain, but still continue to give chase, Lockdown shoots over and over again at my wing but I dodge every blast with careful moves. Drift transformers and follows behind Lockdown, while SkyLark chases after Axer too. “Sky!” Drift shouts, I look down at him “What?!” I quickly reply while dodging the falling rocks that Lockdown bashes off the side of the cliff. Then I notice that we’re coming up to a tunnel, which leads to the other side of cliff, Drift continues to chase after Lockdown. “Transform!” I shout and hastily transform into my other form which is a basic motor cycle. Drift looks back and sees me coming up the side; he flashes me with his lights and I processed to active my turbo chargers to speed up. “Sky gets the other side!” Drift yells his voice bounces off the walls and creates tiny echoes; I speed up and race around Lockdown as told. “Ok you ready?” Drift replies, I flash him with my lights as a sign of yes.


Drift actives his spikes on his wheels, I do the same and we ram into Lockdown. He finally slows down as his skids in the side of the wall. Drift and I transforms into our robot modes and walk towards him, “Lockdown, give them up” Lockdown just growls and tries to attack us with his in built chainsaw like arm. Drift dodges and uses his energy swords to trip over Lockdown, he falls on his back and like a turtle on it shell he can’t get back up again. I reach into Lockdown bag, I grab what is rightful ours the Chaos Crystals.  Lockdown gets back up, transforms and races off again. SkyLark, Drift and I spend a couple of minutes chilling out by sea, before returning back to the ship. SkyLark and Drift mess around in the water, while I smash a couple of rocks using a simple throw and slice moves. Drift and SkyLark notice a flash of red too, they processed to walk to me I look at them in confusion. “What’s the matter with you two?” I ask while trying to get to my feet, they stand in front of me with their weapons in their hands. Their eyes switching from one side to other, I step forward and raise my hand as signal for them to halt. They lower their weapons, a shadow darts off towards the trees but leaving a carving in a tree. “You are the spark in me; you’re my blue eyed angel. Forever and Entirely yours SS”


It took a few seconds for me to remember who initials it was, then it hit hard. Starscream was here, watching us, watching me. Oh why didn’t I gave chase, curse this slow memory of mine! I walked back to the lads; I stare at them and rested my head on SkyLark chest. “Sky what’s up?” I just stayed still and none responding to their voices. “Starscream was here, I missed him” I cried on his chest. SkyLark wrapped his arms around me, held me close, Drift could hear the roar of the Autobots coming closer and closer. “We need to hide, or flee” Drift said hastily, SkyLark pulled me toward the trees. Optimus Prime and his team saw our foot prints in the sand; Blurr knelt down to have a closer look. “She’s alive?” Blurr said quietly to himself, Smokescreen walked up to Blurr “Do you know whose foot print that is?” Smokescreen asked Blurr as he looked how tiny it was. I ran through the trees and onto the hill which over look the Autobots. SkyLark circled the forest and stood on the entrance to beach, while Drift hid in the shadows. “Look there’s one!” Hot Shot shouted, he was only a bit of kid and nothing like the others, with him were four or three organics. “What is Hot Shot?” One of the Organics asked, Hot Shot pointed to me on rock edge, with swords in hands I double jumped in the air and actived my rocket boasters and fly towards them. “Drift Now!” I shouted, Drift charges towards me and jumped in to the air; I catch him and throw him towards the Chaos Crystal.

The End

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