Coming Out of the Shadows

I stood there, in front of them. Snowflake popped out, sat on my shoulder looking on at the big bots. Megatorn sat back down again, if I had not been wearing my visor you could have seen the passion in my eyes that I still have for Starscream. “So my friend, why are you in our head quarters?” Megatorn’s voice was calm and urn rattled, I swallowed my breathe and tried to speak, I was in front of the Legend that was Megatorn. “I…was tracking Thrust’s energy signature…then processed to investage” Megatorn just gave out a sigh of relief and I smiled. “So you are one these Chaos Ninja’s then?” He asks me, besides from Thrust telling about him about us, I did wonder what else he knew. “Yes am I, what other sort of bot would I be?” Thrust interjected at that very moment, I took three steps back and prepared to run. “Well you could have been an Autobot?” I stood still and paused for a minute, last time I checked only a small number of Autobots could fly. “An Autobot? Me? I wasn’t allowed to be one” Megatorn head rose, for its normal resting point and he replied softly “Wasn’t allowed to be one? What do you mean by that?” I turned sharply with hands by my side and replied “My elder brother Blurr, disowned me and made me feel like wasn’t worth the time to train be Autobot, so I didn’t bother with the academy or boot camp and instead I went straight for Ninja Training”


The rest look at me in awe again, Cyclonus stared at me like a love sick puppy and it was wearing my nerves down to the ground. Megatorn nodded and let me go, I processed to run as fast as my legs could carry me until I each the exit. Looking back once more to check if Starscream was behind, no he wasn’t so I flew off back the ship. Later on, sat in my room staring up at the ceiling while thinking, “Does he miss me as much as I miss him?” As I started to day dream again, the door bell on my room sounded off, I looked at the picture of Starscream on my bedside table and then processed to answer “Come in!” The metallic doors opened slowly and in walked Silver, she looked confused and sort of tried too. “Hey Sky” I smiled and sat up right “Hey Silver, what’s the matter?” Silver smiled and sat next to me “I’m alright just tried” I pulled her close to me, hugged tight as tight can be. “Why don’t you rest? I’ll take over basic training for a while?” Silver nodded and walked out of the bedroom, she went for a lay down. I grabbed my energy swords and ninja stars and processed to head out to the comets again for some basic training. It was something about jumping from one comet to another that gives me that burst of excitement back, another thing which is great about this sort of training is, that I can practice my Hydro Cannons move with Snowflake without getting into trouble.


As I jump from one comet to the other, I use my energy swords to slice the smaller comets in training, Snowflake gives me expert aim. All my friends say that my aim is prefect but I still think I need more practice. “What is it Snowflake?” He points to two large ships cursing amongst the comets; I recognise the logo on the ship. “Bounty Hunters in a Chaos Ninja training ground?” I thought to myself. Snowflake and I transformed into our Cybertorn Jet Mode and processed to follow quietly behind the Bounty Hunters. They landed on Planet known as earth; they were looking for the Chaos Crystals. I saw SkyLark and Drift trying to collect them aswel, “Drift, I think we are in trouble?” SkyLark whispered. Drift looked around and saw me near trees, he waves and fly down towards them. “Need backup?” They nod at me, I bring out my energy swords again and stand prepared to fight. “Ninjas!” One Bounty Hunter screamed, I used my super speed to charge followed by a quick lift in the air. A Bounty Hunter named Axer jumped in the air and processed to swing a metal chain at me. “Back off Bounty Hunter!”  I swung my energy sword at the chain and broke it straight in half,  “Arh, Impossible that made from Diamond Metal” SkyLark opened fire with his Plasma Rifle upon Axer, I throw him back down to the ground.

The End

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