A Neutral Stand Point

This story is about Armada SkyRockit and Her Choas Ninja Friends. As the story goes along, she devoples a "Neutral" Friendship or understanding with a Decepticon named Starscream. A expert Swords Man and long time lost lover to her, after being told she was worthless part of scrap metal by her elder brother Blurr who is a complete snob in Armada.

Chaos Ninja's are accient group of Cybertornians who haven't choosen fraction to fight with but instead have devoted their energies to finding the Chaos Crystals to put the whole to end.

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Somewhere in the deepest part of space, lies a small ship hovering around at only 17 mph. Inside that little ship, is a couple of bots who have been trained in special manner of fighting. Some are Ninjas and some are not, but two of the bots in that so called Ship named SS. Star curser. Have been friends since they were little and no matter of War or Mini bots can ever tear that from each other. A small voice echoes through the ship, “Sky!” I do not a wake to it; I continue scanning the fast known area for Chaos Crystals. The Voice repeats itself “Sky!” I awake to it and answer “Yes, I’m in the control room” The Voice gets louder “Ok! I’m coming now” I look around and see my friends gear is gone, all of them must be out on comets training or down on earth hunting for the crystals. The door opens, I turn my chair around and there in front of my eyes is my friend, Silver one of our non Ninja friends. “Sky my friend, why are you not training?” She asks looking at me very confused, I turn around and point to a very strong energy signature flying past our comets. “You don’t thinks that’s Thrust do you?” She asks me, I look at her in disbelief and then processed to get ready to follow it.


Five Minutes later, we’re following the mysterious aircraft though the deepest realms of space until we reach a large comet and we hear voices. Silver and I had studied long and hard about the facts and myths on Autobots and Decepticons. She goes into stealth and I shortly follow her into the large hallow space. Our tiny femme like feet, go unheard from any mech on this large piece of rock. I hear voices again, “Look Cyclonus, Thrust is nothing compared to me” to my amazement I notice that voice clear as a bell…But how can it be? I thought I had lost all sights of him but I double check and peak my head around the door. Yes I was correct the Master like Sword Man, Starscream right in front of my eyes, I shake with nerves ever since I decided to be a Ninja I had idolized him, his skills go unmatched in the swordsman department. Suddenly another comes over, I froze with complete horror as I could feel my whole body shaking. “I think someone is listening in to our convocation” the others look at him and laugh. “Are you Crazy Sideways?” Sideways of course, another one of the Decepticons which Megatorn held favoured with. “I’m sure I heard something” Starscream and Cyclonus look at each other, then laugh meanwhile else where; Silver is listening into Thrust and Megatorn talking. “So my loyal friend any news on our enemies?”  Thrust looks around once more, and then turns around to Megatorn again. “Besides from them being weak and pointless my lord, no” Megatorn smirks and looks at Thrust, “So, what else have you found out?”

Thrust takes another look around, then turns to Megatorn “I have found that there is a sector of Bots who call themselves Chaos Ninjas, even though some are not Ninjas my lord” Megatorn looks on in amazement, he thought that the Chaos Ninja’s Movement was crushed by the council ages ago. “Impossible Thrust, are you sure you are correct?” Thrust knows that we are in their base and continues to talk to Megatorn. “My Lord, I saw two of them with my own optics just the other day on earth” Megatorn ponders for a minute and calls in his men, they all rush in. Silver leaves hastily, I stay frozen for a couple of more minutes. “Sky, you coming?” She whispers into her commlink, I slowly switch my commlink on. “You go, I’ll be a couple of minutes” I reply quietly back to her. She signals to me, that she going and flies back to our ship. I however, stay in the corner of the room, watching them all talk. “Thrust have found out some interesting news” They all look at Megatorn and kneel to him, I stay gazing on at Starscream. “You all remember the Chaos Ninjas don’t you?” They all nod and Thrust gazes at the corner, I keep my body still and breath short. “Well, I think I can safely say, that they are still alive and go untouched by any fraction as of yet”  Megatorn smirks again, I know presence goes noticed but shall I think of it as an honour that Megatorn is wanting our servers? Or Not?

Thrust points to the corner, “In that corner is a Chaos Ninja” they all look at me. I place my hands on the handles of my energy swords, my mini con Snowflake shakes on my shoulder. Megatorn stands up and with his new found weapon the Star Saber in hand points at me, “Show yourself friend?” Friend? Me? Impossible. Snowflake looks at me; I smile at him and slowly come out of stealth. All of the Decepticons jaws drop in shock; I mean it looks like they haven’t seen a femme in a long while.


The End

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