A name.

We always ask questions, but there is always one we ask; all the time.

Everyday I meet new people; chat to new people.  I try and learn as much about them as possible as I will never know if I will see them again, be-it for the right or wrong reasons, be-it the cruel game that life plays on people.  Everyone always has a story to tell.

Sitting on the bench in the park, buying a coffee in a local cafe, we all interact with each other and by doing so, we all affect each other's day; for a brief moment.  

It may be a brief moment, but sometimes the tiniest of things can have a huge impact.  We underestimate the small things in life and we underestimate talking to each other.

I listen to what people say; I enjoy listening to what people say.  Most of the time, people want to be listened to; to just talk about something, to have someone listen.  They do not want to be judged, or to seek opinions, they just want to chat and laugh and reminisce the past.

Reminiscent of their first love, memories of their parents, thoughts on the weather, fear of letting go - everyone has something to talk about, irrespective of what it may be.

Despite being strangers who have never met before, we all have something to say, something to tell each other.  Questions are inevitably asked; how did you feel at that time?  What made you do that?  Why did you leave?  It is our way of taking the fragmented pieces of our life and stitching them together to form a unique story, to belong to that single person.

I have met some people with some amazing stories, and if I hadn't spoken to them, I would never have known what they had achieved.  As you see people walk pass you in the street, you would never guess what they have been through, what they have seen, what they have felt, and yet we are strangers chatting, until that question is asked.  

That single question that defines who someone is, as a person, a human being, someone.

What is your name?  A name, a noun, a word that belongs to me, a word that is mine and defines me, makes me who I am and has been with me for aeons.  

A name that is given to me from the day I was born, and will be taken with me to the day I die; my name is James.

The End

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