Decades Missing

I woke up, looked around, I was in a cold sweat and panicked. I was so relieved that everything was over, so relieved that I was here in the real world. I looked around amidst the excitement and realized I was not in my room still. This sank my spirits; I was still in the spirit world. Or was I? Looking around, I noticed a closet full of clothes, a bathroom door open and the sun, all of which were absent in the spirit world. Sliding off the bed, I felt different. I looked down.

            I was not in my body; I was in a body, just not mine. My heart leaped, I was in an old guys body, wrinkly hands, face, everything. I ran to a mirror, this was not my body. Quickly acting on my feet, I ran to the phone to call my parents, I knew I was in the real world, just not the right body. Got to the phone, dialed the number, hit call.

“Please try again, the number you are trying to reach is unavailable” Is what I heard on the other end. I feared that something was wrong. I ran back into the bedroom to see if there was anything there. Up on the walls were pictures and news articles with my name on them. I ripped them off the walls and searched through them. I found articles of me my entire life, times I had gone to prison in the future and the time I was suspended from my current high school. Many of these events had never happened. Or not yet anyway. I ran back out into the living room where I saw a laptop. I quickly opened it up to see what was going on.

“Today’s date is October 27, 2052” Is what was posted on the top right of the screen.

I was 76 years old now. I looked down, looked at my hands and felt my face. I walked over to the mirror, my eyes were blue like always, my body was the same proportion it was when I last remembered it. I was in my body, just a different time. I sat down realizing that my parents are dead and my siblings are likely gone as well, I was the youngest of the three. What happened all of these years?


            There were decades missing of my life, memories I lived, but do not remember. I was no longer living my life. I noticed something strange; the phones were different. Every phone within the house was cellular and synced with all of the laptops. They could be dialed from anywhere as well, there was nothing like it in the past. The laptops too were different; they were made of carbon fiber and had a glossy appearance to them. Again, nothing remotely close to it in the past. I am alone, in a strange world with a large chunk of my life missing. Did the demon live my life?




The End

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