Decades Missing

Chapter 2: Decades Missing

            I began to doze, getting really tired of playing video games at nearly midnight. Slowly getting up, I crawl into bed, nearly falling asleep instantaneously. Except I seemingly woke up at the same time. I looked around, I was not in my house, I was in a room with the door to the left and completely black walls. The one window was boarded but light seeped through so I knew it was daytime. I stood up, panicked and nervous. I quietly walked over to the door, opened it just enough to see. There was a hallways leading down a ways and turning left straight out the door. I knew I had to get to the end, so I tip toed down the hallway. Peering around the corner I can make out a large room, it was dimly lit with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. I could make out rugs and maybe a counter on the other end of the room. Panicked, I ran into the wide-open room, freezing my every bone and muscle as the room had suddenly filled with people.

            I stood there as a tall man walked up. He stood no more than five feet in front of me.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.

“What do you mean? You kidnapped me!” I screamed.

*The whole room laughs*

“We cannot kidnap people who do not belong in our realm.” He calmly responded.

“W...w...w...w...what? I woke up here!” I stuttered.

“Ah, you are in the spirit world, where the passed on spirits of the living come, you were merely trapped in here by one of us.”

“I don’t understand, am I dreaming? This feels very real.”

“No, you are not dreaming, you were pulled in here by one of us through your dream.” He explains once again.

*I paused*

He motioned for me to walk forward, and I did so with more confidence. I still had no idea what was going on, but everything seemed fine and I did not feel threatened. He points out of the window, outside were people, friends of mine walking by. In extreme excitement I ran, I bolted through the door, rushed out to see… Nothing.

“You can view your world through the windows and in the mirrors, but you can’t travel back to where you came from just yet.” The tall man explained.

I was stunned; the feeling of this place was so real. I could not believe this to be real. It had an eerie feel and everyone seemed so lifeless. I peered across the land outside of the house. It was flat, partly grassy, and thick woods sat in the distance. It was empty. I looked back at the tall, slender man and more people, all of which were very static, accompanied him. Their emotion was gone, their eyes had no sparkle, they seemed to be merely figures.

“You must find the spirit who pulled you in here and have him send you back.” The man calmly notes.   

“How do I do that?” I responded in disbelief.

“Just wait.” He said.

Almost instantaneously, he vanishes and the door closes. I ran to it and tried to open it, but the door would not move. I turned around and saw people emerge from the woods, clouds rolled across the sky very quickly and the whole place became darker. Some of the people stopped, while one persisted. I stepped back until I walked into the house and came to a jolting stop. The man came up, stopped and pointed to the woods. I shook my head and refused, but he just grabbed my arm and yanked me forward. I began to walk towards the woods and the people in the way moved to the side. I felt as if I would die and some muttered:

“Take his soul.”

I was terrified, what did they mean? There was no escape for me. I thought I would die. I stepped into the woods and the people stopped following me. At the same time my muscles were taken over, I was no longer moving under my own power, something else was moving me.

            The woods began to open up and I saw a figure, not quite a man, not quite a spirit. His eyes were solid black, but his body pulsed red with the same rhythmic beat of a heart. I was stopped abruptly in front of him when he spoke.

“Are you Drew Gramer?”


“I brought you here.” He said.


“Because, I want your physical body.”

My gut sunk. I could tell what this meant. My spirit needed to die in order to make room for him. I searched for the strength to respond.

“What will you do with me now?”

“I will pull you from your body in the living world and keep you here.”

It felt awful; I would never see my brother, my sister, my mother or my dad. My dad and I should have gotten along and I should have been a better son. I knew this was my punishment for being so bad in the living world. I nodded and gave him my permission.

            I could feel myself being ripped apart from the inside; I could feel the absence of emotion and senses leaving me. In addition, I was gone, no more feeling, no more emotion, no more senses. It was awful, I wish I could take back the opportunity to fight the demon. I knew that I would never be back to my physical body again. This was the worst nightmare I could possibly have. Why was I so stupid? Why did I give up my body?

The End

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