Is It a Life Worth Missing?

Drew, a kid from Phoenix Arizona finds himself trapped in a household that shows little appreciation for his sarcastic attitude. But when he wakes after a long night of playing video games...he's no longer home. He's no longer even present on Earth. This story follows Drew in his journey outside of our realm and his life when he finds himself back on Earth as an old man. What happened?

Chapter 1: Is it A Life worth Missing?

                        My name is Drew, I live in Phoenix Arizona and I have a story to tell. I never quite realized how our world was connected with the one above, or below for that matter. Another world beside our own is what I am talking about, we walk next to it, we sleep next to it, and we live next to it. It in its entirety is a very mysterious place and has a lot of secrets I like to think that I am part of an elite group that have been to this world, maybe I am the only one.

            People with a certain gift can pass from the real world to the spirit world, almost as easily as walking through a pane-less mirror. As someone who can do this, I can tell you, it is not as cool as you may think. In a perfect world, there may just be no spirit world, but the least perfect of us all end up there. They cannot control it once they are dead, the change can only be made during the time spent living, however long that may be. Spirits can look through their world and into the living one, but the living cannot see the spirits in their world. It is just like a two-sided mirror, the spirits see through the glass while the living just look at the wall or obstruction and see nothing. The common feeling people get of someone viewing them when no one is around is not a false sensation. This is your instincts trying to tell you that the spirits are watching you. The spirits can see into the real world through any solid material and will often abuse the power they have.

            It is a cruel world; full of the heartless that neither God nor Satan will accept. They can create their own worlds at will and trap people here in the real world through dreams. Dreams are the only way spirits can reach the living. Often times the dreams can be pleasant to draw you in, entice you to dream more and sleep more. At that moment where you cannot resist, they trap you. A nightmare generated through your thoughts and feelings. As you are stuck in this retched nightmare, they attack your spirit. They struggle to grasp onto you until finally your body wins. This is when your body wakes you up, usually in a cold sweat generated through all of the energy spent struggling. However, the spirits know you must go to sleep soon and wait. Once you go to sleep the whole process is started over, and you are once again vulnerable for attack. If they grasp hold, they can pull you in and remove your spirit from your physical body. When this happens, you are trapped in the spirit world and are unlikely to ever leave. Within minutes, your physical body is unable to host your spirit, as it is dead. When the physical body dies, it becomes impossible to host.

            In the case that someone is pulled out of their physical body it presents an opportunity for another spirit to host the body. This happens often and causes slight to extreme mood changes in an individual here in the real world. If someone is “switched” as it is called, then their behavior may stagger for a few days until the spirit can figure out how his mood is normally among people who know him. This usually does not happen to a physical body only once in its lifetime either. Sometimes spirits will “ditch” a body in search for another and a different spirit will take over the body. In other extreme cases, demons will possess a body and do great amounts of harm to the real world through the individual. This most often becomes possible when people disassociate themselves with religion completely. Demons cannot possess a holy body and when religion becomes less and less relevant in a society, demons flourish. Demons are spirits who have been denied acceptance to Heaven or Hell; they make up a large portion of the spirit world and have become stronger and stronger as religion has become less prominent. They are the definition of evil and have no purpose in any world. The problem is however, they can only be killed in the spirit world with holy water and that is very difficult to do as holy entities rarely make it into the spirit world without trouble. Demons and spirits alike hate holy entities and will often take over that individual is physical body and kill it.

            The spirit world has everything the real world has, it has people, it has buildings, it has wildlife, and it has everything except a steady day and night cycle. It may be dark sometimes and light others, it more or less depends on what is happening within the local area of the world.  If a demon gets mad, kills a spirit or has taken over another body it will get dark. If everything is normal like a normal day in the real world, it stays bright. The cycle of light depends greatly on how spirits and demons feel in that local area. Within the spirit world, there is no sun or moon. The alternative world is just bright or dark, no obvious generator of either. Nor is there any physical way to change the state of darkness.

            There is no fabricated light of any kind within the spirit world; the only light you may see during darkness is fire. Fire is abundant in the spirit world, it burns the bodies of spirits who have been killed by demons and vegetation that may have grown during the period it was light. Vegetation grows in the world while it is light and gets set on fire when the world gets dark. There is no way of preventing it, it just happens. See, demons control the spirit world and can influence the environment to their liking. Any weather there is the doing of demons.

            It draws many parallels to the real world in that you can walk around like any other day and talk to people. You can interact within the world. However, that is how demons want you to perceive it in the spirit world, although appealing and similar to what the spirits knew, it’s fake. You can enter the world trapped in a room, a closet or inside a volcano. Whatever a demon wants. Sometimes demons show themselves in the spirit world when they are looking for a spirit that is trespassing so they can take over the physical body but in most situations they lay low. Demons show themselves more in the real world than anywhere else. They often take leadership roles and cause massive damage to everything around them. Napoleon, Hitler and Stalin to name a few were bodies possessed by demons. In fact, they held multiple demons in their physical bodies throughout their lifetimes. Demons do not always live within the real world as people, cats, snakes, goats and llamas are among the most common. They infiltrate the world through an animal and then transfer, in most cases, to the owner or a person who spends a lot of time with that particular animal.

            Demons cannot survive alone in the real world. If a demon host makes contact with holy water in the real world then the demon will be ejected from the body. In the event that this happens, the demon will die within seconds if it cannot find a spiritless body. Unfortunately, demons rarely die this way because they can host any animal. If a demon can reach an animal before it dies, it will be fine, because animals do not have a soul, and therefore no spirit. Demons can only occupy a body with a spirit through the spirit world, in which case the demon would have to eject the body’s spirit and replace it. This cannot be done from the real world; the demons cannot leave a body in the real world unless they allow the body to remove them. Most demon deaths in the real world were caused by someone killing the host immediately. When this happens, the demon dies within the body. Spirits do not act this way, they can hop out of bodies and into the spirit world and then from there take over another body. However, if they do not behave in the real world, they can potentially become a demon.












The End

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