Chapter 6.Mature

24th - November - 2009

I've made a shocking discovery... I was cleaning and decided to put some washing in. I went into Erica's room to pick up some clothes from the floor but as I picked up a pair of her jeans something fell out. A pregnancy test! It wasn't used but still. Why would she need one of these? She must be sexually active!

As i stood there staring at the test the front foor opened.

"I'm Home" Erica called from down stairs, I quickly put the test back in her jeans and threw them back on the floor. "Mum?" she was coming up the stairs now.. I hurried out of her room and ran into my own,

"Yes? I'm in here" I called back trying to hide the hurt in my voice. How could she keep something like this from me? She could be pregnant and I didnt even know that she'd ever done it. Not to mention who she'd done it with?!

"What you doing?" Erica asked, snapping me out of my day dream as she peaked round the door. She was smiling at me but i was finding it hard to fight back tears. But no. I couldn't say anything. This was the kind of thing she'd have to tell me about on her own. I forced a smile back

"Oh nothing, Just relaxing a bit. I'll be down in a sec dear" I answered as cheerfully as i could. She just shrugged and went down stairs. But I lied, i wasn't down stairs in a sec. That sec turned to minutes, then to hours. Eventually I fell asleep. I don't know how to deal with this at all.

The End

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