Chapter 5.Mature

20th -  November - 2009

Well it's been a very good couple of days. I took Erica to the cinema last night, I think she was quite embarrased at first at the thought of spending an evening with her Mum where her friends could possibly see her but she got into the idea in the end. We went to see one of those really soppy films, the kind where the girl always falls for the wrong guy and has her heart ripped out only to be rescued by the man of her dreams! I do love a good soppy film, so does Erica. It was a great evening.

I woke up a bit late this morning, Jim had already left for work. I tried ringing him several times but got no answer. Im usualy up in the morning to say bye, even on my days off so i felt a bit guilty but I'm sure he wouldn't have minded so much.

Erica strolled out of bed at around noon. "Morning" she yawned as she stumbled into the kitchen to make herself some breakfast. "Coffee?" she asked.

"Yes thanks love" I was quite delighted. Things really have been great since Jim had his talk with her. My curiosity creeped up again however... "Erica, just out of curiosity, what did you talk to Jim about the other night?" I asked, It took her quite a while to reply actually, maybe a little too long.

"Oh nothing much, we just... talked?" she hesitated. Something wasn't right here, I could feel it. I watched her for a while, hoping she'd carry on but she didnt. There was just awkward silence as she poured some milk into her ceral bowl then trotted out of the room. I decided not to push it but I was going to find out exactly what she told him. At first I was just worried that she didn't feel she could talk to me anymore, but now I knew there was more to it than that.

I tried to ring Jim a few more times but nothing. I listened to Erica's footsteps upstairs as she got ready for the day. I hated the feeling I had at that moment; the feeling that there was something I really should know about but nobody wanted to tell me.

I must have been day dreaming because the sound of the phone jolted me back to realality. I grabbed it quickly hoping to hear jims voice.

"Hello? Hun? Are you there? Jim questioned on the other end

"Jim!" I yelled, releived. "I've been trying to call you all morning. I'm sorry for not waking up this morning."

"Don't worry about it love. I'm sorry, the office has been a nightmare this morning, is everything ok?" he asked sounded rather worried. It had never accured to me that he might have thought something was up the amount of missed calls he had off me.

"Oh yes! Everythings fine, I just..." I stopped my self from asking him anything. I felt this conversation was best had in person. "I just need to talk you when you get home, ok? Nothing to worry about, it sounds busy over there so I'll let you go. See you later! Love you." I finished, trying to hide the curiosity in my voice.

"Ok darling, love you too. Bye!" he rushed as he put the phone down. I sighed a sigh of relief. Im not quite sure what i was relieved about the time it seemed appropriate.

"I'm going out Mum" I heard Erica yell from the other room just before the slam of the front door. I was alone now, alone with my thoughts. I sighed again. Maybe I was just worrying too much, again...

The End

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