Chapter 4Mature

18th - November - 2009

Things have been different in the house these past few days. Ever since Jim and Erica had that talk things have been, well, nicer. I guess. I tried asking Jim the day after, what he'd said to Erica but he simply just said "I guess she just decided to talk in the end" whatever that means. Erica does seem happier though, she helps out a bit more, smiles more and even said good morning to both me and Jim this morning.

Sometimes I wish I could read her mind though, it's a bit frustrating that she told Jim her problems after giving him such a hard time these few years, yet she doesn't tell me a thing. I guess she just doesn't feel as comfortable around me these days or something but im determined to change this. I'm going to show her that im still here whenever she may need me! Jim says I should just leave her too it, he says shes growing up now and doesn't need me as much and that she'll talk about stuff in her own time. I know hes right, it's just so hard to let go. Sometimes I wonder if I'm even ready for her to grow up. She's going to be leaving school soon enough and going off into the world and then what? I wont have my little girl to look after anymore.

Sometimes I'm glad though, I can see her turning into a very bright girl, I just hope she doesn't go down the wrong path. Jim says I worry too much, maybe he's right.

He was right. Erica brought a guy home today, his names Duncan. I freaked out, not in a yelling kinda way though, more like in a creepy-over obsessive mother kinda way.

"Mum this is Duncan, we're doing a science project together" Erica announced as she walked through the door. Dumping her bag on the sofa as she passed it. I jumped up.

"Hello there! Very nice too meet you! You never told me you were bringing a guest home Erica, I would have tidied up a bit. He's a very handsome young man as well isn't he? Would you like a cup of tea Duncan? How long have you known my Erica? Very bright girl she is! You're so lucky to have been paired with such a bright girl for your science project! A* for sure!" and the words kept on coming... I don't know what came over me, anyone would have thought they'd announce they were getting married or something the way I fussed over him, questioning him constantly! I knew how embarrassing it must have been for Erica, I mean they aren't even dating! But it's like Jim told me. I worry. About everything! I guess I just worry about missing out on her firsts. First crush, first kiss, first love, first job, first house. I know, pathetic right?

Erica must have sensed how worried Duncan was getting because she soon stopped me from my babbling and escaped into the next room. She was rather cross me after he'd left.

"Whats wrong with you? Fussing him like that? He's my friend Mum and now he'll never want to be anything more ever! You ruin everything" she screamed.

"You mean you like him then?" I asked eagerly, I studied her for a while and watched as big grin started to spread across her face.

"What do you think?" she giggled. "He's nice right? He's smart too!" we sat there for the rest of the evening talking about Duncan and her friends and just school in general. It was great! I guess worrying isn't always that bad...

The End

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