Chapter 3.Mature

16th - November - 2009

Well, me and Erica aren't speaking still. I feel awful but am I to do? She was really horrible yesterday and even if I was to say sorry, she'll never listen. Jim has noticed somethings up between the two of us but I still havent told him about what went down.

On a lighter note, My parents have invited us to their summer house in Spain for the week! I couldn't believe it when they told me! I think it'll do the family good. Well, I thought it would...

"Erica hunny, We've been invite down to Spain for the weekend. Doesn't that sound good?" I announced during dinner.

"I'm not going." she spat as she stormed upstairs. I was about to follow her up when Jim stopped me.

"This time I really think i should speak to her!" he explained, before i could even think to argue he was already knocking on her bedroom door. Great, another night of screaming and shouting.

As I sat there, waiting for the screaming match to begin, I heard, well, nothing. No screaming, no stomping, no door slamming, nothing! It wasn't untill I ran to the bottom of the stairs when i finially heard something. But it wasn't screaming, it was crying! Erica, my girl, was crying!

I suddenly felt a huge knot im my throat. Tears trickled down my face before I could do anything to stop them. As i sat there at the bottom of the stairs crying, i thought about what life used to be like and how much I missed my daughter.

After a few hours i heard Erica's door open and soon enough Jim came strolling down the stairs.

"Are you ok?" he asked the moment he saw me. He sat down next to me and put his arm around me. "Everythings going to be ok now, I promise." and with that he took me upstairs to bed.

The End

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