A Mothers Diary.Mature

take a step in the Mums shoes.

14th - November - 2009

"JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" My 16 year old daughter screamed, as she slammed her bedroom door. It was the same story every day! I'd pick her up from school, we'd have a slagging match in the car, then she'd run upstairs and stay in her room for the rest of the evening.

Its been this way for a while now. Ever since i met my boyfriend Jim. Me and Erica's Father (Thats my daughter...), split when she was just 7. She's never really understood it or accepted it. Even now! The problem is, she never will understand because she's impossible to talk to! She takes everything the wrong way. I feel as though I'm constantly having to walk on tip-toes trying to please her. Nothing ever works.

It hasn't always been this way, we used to be so close when she was younger. We'd share everything together! I used to daydream about the days when I'd help her with REAL problems, like boys, bitchy girls, and what shoes go better with her outfit. But that'll never happen now.

So here we were again. Her upstairs in her room sulking and me downstairs exhausted! Just in time for Jims arrival.

"Hello darling, Good day?" he asked me in his usual jolly tone.

"Well..." I replied... he could see on my face what had went on, i didn't need to go on.

"Want me to speak to her?" he asked.

"No, no. That'll just make things worse!" I replied. As much as i loved Jim, Erica certainly did not! He'd always been nice to her, ever since we met 5 years ago. He'd spoil her when she was a child but she'd just simply turn her nose up. I'd spend hours a day trying to explain to her how he wasn't her daddy and he would never try to replace her daddy but nothing seemed to work. Now it was too late. She hated, wait, no.. DESPISED him!

It was heartbreaking, seeing Jim constantly trying to win Erica's approval just to be shot down again.

"She doesn't mean it!" I'd say after she'd yell abusive comments at him. But he'd always just smile and say,

"Don't worry love!" Bless him. He was such a darling. Why did Erica hate him so much? More importantly what was i going to do to change her thoughts on him?

The End

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