Andrew's First Cab

"First I'm taking you to my house to get you some clothes." Matt ran a critical eye over the Prince. "You look to be about my size."

"What's wrong with my clothing?" The Prince demanded, reversing to his normal tone of voice.

Matt raised an eyebrow. "We're blending."

The Prince was chagrined. "Of course, my mistake." He apologized more quietly.

"Now you don't move," Matt instructed him. "I'm going to call a cab."

The Prince nodded.

Matt stepped off the curve and waved. "TAXI!" He whistled.

A yellow taxi cab pulled up to where he was standing. He turned around and laughed out loud at Andrew's expression.

"If I recall correctly." The Prince began, looking bewildered. "I thought you said we were 'blending.'"

"We are." Matt said, holding open the door of the cab. "You HAVE to yell for a taxi. Its the way its done. Maybe I'll let you do it next time."

Andrew smiled vaguely. "That could turn out to be quite diverting."

Matt shook his head still smiling. "Fun, Andrew. Say fun."

The End

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