Princely Behaviour

Matt walked down the sidewalk with his shoulders hunched, he should've known responsibility for Prince Andrew would have been foisted on him.

"I must find the Maiden fair!" Andrew announced, to the passerby's on the sidewalk. They all gave him weird looks.

Matt cringed. "Andrew-"

"That's Prince Andrew to you, peasant!" Andrew declared in his abnormally loud voice.

Matt cringed again. "Listen, you want to find the maiden don't you?"

Prince Andrew nodded vigorously. "Yes, I must find her! She is to be my wife!"

Matt winced. "If you really want to find her, you're going to have to blend in here. This is the real world. People here aren't like you!"

"Blend?" The Prince demanded in his most princely tone.

"Yes, Blend!" Matt exclaimed, exasperated. "If you want to find her you have to BLEND IN. And you can start by not shouting everything you say!"

The Prince said nothing.

"And we need to get you out of those clothes." Matt siad, running a critical eye over Andrew's outfit.

"Whatever are we going to do now?" Andrew questioned, closer to a normal speaking voice.

Matt sighed.

The End

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