Shopping 101: For Fairytale Characters

"No, Adelaide. No." Sarah sighed, taking in the gold and purple ensemble that Adelaide was wearing.

"Why not, I think its delightful." Adelaide smiled, twirling in front of the mirror.

"Cool, Adelaide. Say cool." Sarah was trying to attempt to make her sound like a normal teenager. "There's nothing wrong with the outfit-" Actually it was just a bit flashy for Sarah's taste. Though she was sure Maddi would have loved it. Flashy but classy. Is what she would have said.

"So what is the problem?" Adelaide asked.

"It just makes you look really....pale."  Sarah said. "I think you would do better with something darker."

Adelaide frowned petulantly.

"This is really not my department." Sarah sighed. "Maddi would do a better job with this."

"So call her with your magic box." The Maiden suggested.

"Cell phone, Adelaide. Its a cell phone." Sarah corrected wearily. One hour in the mall and she already wanted to run for the hills. "I'll call her." 

The End

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