Discussion, Discussion

"You drive even worse then me!" Maddi grumbled.

Paul shrugged as he tossed the keys back to her. "Should've thought of that before you gave me the keys."

Gwen rolled her eyes at their bickering, before asking, "Okay, who's apartment this time?"

"Maddi's!" Paul shouted, before she could react. Sometimes, her slowness in the morning came in handy.

"Hey!" she protested, but it was too late.

Back up in the apartment, the three settled down around a bowl of tortilla chips.

"So, why are we meeting, exactly?" Gwen asked, looking at Paul.

"Well, I thought that was obvious!"

"Did you now?" Maddi answered dryly, looking with annoyance as the other two ate her food.

"We have to do something about le prince et la princesse crossing over a bit earlier than planned. As far as I know, no one was prepared for this, correct?"

Both of them nodded in agreement, and Gwen answered as she reached for a squish pillow, "Nope. Matt was planning on bringing them over next week."

"And Matt brought them over without consulting anyone else, right?"


"And we really have no where to keep them, long-term, do we?"

Gwen, still confused, answered, "Not as far as I know..."

Even Maddi's sleep-deprived brain understood where this was going. "We leave the princess with Sarah, dump the prince on Matt, and make things difficult for him!"

Paul smiled, "All in the good, friendly nature of revenge!"

Maddi sighed, "I feel sorry for Sarah..."

The End

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