Drivers Education For Fairytale Characters

"What manner of beast is this?" Adelaide questioned, eyes wide as if she was trying to take everything in at once.

"A Chevrolet." Sarah replied, absently holding the door open for the girl.

Adelaide remained where she was, eyeing the car doubtfully.

"Don't worry," Sarah assured her. "It can't hurt you, its inanimate."

The maiden gathered up her nerves from where they lay scattered on the ground and climbed into the car. Sarah got her buckled up, then headed around to the driver's seat. She put the key into the ignition and turned it. The engine revved to life, causing poor Adelaide to yelp. "Its alright." Sarah reassured her. She pulled on her own seatbelt and backed Paul's blue sedan out of the space.

"Where are we going?" Adelaide asked from behind clenched teeth. She had asked for adventure, and she was getting it. She was not about to complain.

"Well for starters, we're going shopping." Sarah glanced over at Adelaide, "You are way too conspicuous right now. We need to get you looking like a normal teenager."

Adelaide gasped as another vehicle cut them off, making Sarah swerve into another lane to avoid hitting it.

"Its ok." Sarah said again.

"Is everyone so inconsiderate?" Adelaide demanded, horrified.

"Welcome to Manhatten." Sarah said, dryly. "Just be glad we're not near Times Square."

Adelaide closed her eyes as a Fire Truck came pelting down the lane next to them. "Are we almost there?"

"Almost." Sarah answered.

In a couple more swerves and near misses, they pulled into the Mall parking garage. "We're here." She smiled at Adelaide.

The poor girl looked a little sick. "Wonderful."

The End

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