Enter The Prince

“My friends!” The Prince exclaimed heroically. “I have come in search of my beloved!”

We all turned to Matt.

“I can explain!” He whimpered.

Gwen rolled her eyes. “Sarah, get her out of here.” She nodded towards the back door.

“We walked to-“ Sarah cut off when Paul tossed her his car keys. “Come along, Adelaide.” She said taking the maiden’s arm and moving inconspicuously toward the door.

Matt brought the Prince over to the table. “Andrew, this is Paul, Madison and Gwen. They are going to help you adjust to life in the city.”

“I wasn’t aware of this.” Paul commented, frowning slightly.

He isn’t supposed to be here yet.” Gwen emphasized each word separately.

Matt turned as red as his hair. “I might have messed up the plotline…” He trailed off. The other three glared at him, but before they could say anything, the Prince interrupted. “I have come in search of the maiden fair! Take me to her immediately!”

STOP YELLING!” Madison roared, angrily.

Everyone stopped and turned to look at her.

She groaned and put her head down on the table.

The Prince blinked slightly shocked.

Paul smiled slightly and patted her head. “Calm.


* * * *

The mood was less tense at the table in the corner, once certain things had been straightened out.

“Since you created this disaster,” Gwen began. “You are responsible for helping Andrew here adjust properly. And you will make sure that he doesn’t get into any trouble.”

“Heh.” Matt said, with sheepish agreement.

Andrew remained silent, as per his instructions.

“Gwen, we have some things we need to discuss.” Paul commented vaguely.

“Oh, sure sure.” Gwen agreed just as vaguely.   “I’ll be right over.”

“I’ll come too!” Matt exclaimed.

NO.” The other three declared simultaneously.

Matt looked put out.

“Come on,” Paul said. “I’ll drive, I know how much you hate driving in the city Maddi.”

She rolled her eyes as the three of them scooted out of the booth. “Sure, now you remember.”

The End

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