Chaos on 42nd Street

Gwen leaned against the table, sipping a Mexican hot chocolate and impatiently checking her watch.  Paul slid into the busy Starbucks, quickly spotting Gwen at their usual spot in the back corner.  He pulled up a chair.

"Is Madison coming?"

Paul nodded.  "It took patience, prodding, and hairspray, but she's up and supposedly on her way."

"Patience, people, I'm here."  A light jacket temporarily blinded Paul as Madison sat down.  He threw her coat back at her.  "Is Matt here yet?"  The other two shook their heads.  She sighed, exasperated.  "I was promised a Frappachino, and now the one who called this 'meeting' is late?"  She scoffed, slightly indignant.

"Hey all," Sarah said in greeting.  The girl following her, wide eyed and nearly trembling, must've been Adelaide.  "What'd I miss?"

"Oh nothing, just Maddi freaking out about lack of overpriced caffination and punctuality," Paul answered with a shrug.

"Speak of the devil," Gwen muttered, "here comes Mr. Punctual himself."

"Hey guys, sorry I'm late."  Matt was huffing and puffing a bit.  "I ran into someone I needed to catch up with..."   He would've continued, but Sarah and Adelaide caught his eye.  He looked to Gwen, surprised.  "You called Sarah?"

"I assumed she should be included, as she's directly associated with the party in question," Gwen replied nonchalantly, sipping her chocolate.

"Why?" Paul asked.  "Did you want her not to call Sarah?"

"No, no I figured this would happen."  Matt ran his fingers through his hair, eyeing Adelaide.

"Why?  Did you set something up again Matt?" Madison asked suspiciously.

As if it was an answer from Heaven above, a figure burst through the door.  Adelaide's eyes widened in recognition.

"My friends!" the figure exclaimed heroically.  "I have come in search of my beloved!"

Madison, Sarah, Paul, and Gwen all exchanged looks, then they all turned to Matt, who was rubbing his hands nervously.

"Heh..." he began, "funny you should mention that..."

The End

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