Paul sighed. "I'm about to do something that you won't like."

Madison's eyes were already closed again.

"You brought it on yourself." He went into the bathroom and located her can of hairspray. Then he sighed again and sprayed the coldest substance known to woman into her ear.

"Agh!" Madison sputtered, her eyes snapped open immediately as she fell out of her chair. "What's the matter with you?!"

"Get up." Paul said.

"Go away." She covered her head and closed her eyes again.

"I hate doing this to you." He said regretfully.

He pulled down the back of her collar and sprayed her again.

Madison flinched and jumped up. "I'm up, God, I'm up!"

Paul looked guilty. "I'm sorry. Gwen needs to meet us at Starbucks because Adelaide is here."

Madison mumbled something about how that wasn't agood enough reason. "Go downstairs. I'll be down in a minute."

Paul looked doubtful but went without protest.

The End

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