Scene Placement

Sarah felt something in her pocket.  She took out her cell phone, to Adelaide's complete and utter amazement.


"Sarah, it's Gwen.  Listen, you're right on 42nd, right?"

"Yeah, but I'm on the East end."

"Can you and Adelaide meet us down at Starbucks on the West end of 42nd in five minutes?"

"Wait, who's 'us'?"

"Paul, Matt, and Madison, if she'll ever get out of hibernation."

"Which one?"


"There are at least three Starbucks on 42nd, which one are we meeting at?"

"Uh... the usual one?  The one on 42nd and Eleventh?"

"Oh yeah, the furthest one.  Yeah, I'll be there."  She flipped the phone shut.  Adelaide just kept staring.

"How peculiar!" she exclaimed.  "A small object that moves your voice!"

"Yes.  This would be a cell phone, Adelaide.  You use it to talk to people who aren't right there with you."  Adelaide's eyes lit up almost like it was Christmas.

"It's almost like magic!" she cried with glee.


As soon as Gwen hung up on him, Matt noticed a poof and a burst of feathers by The Pond.  He rushed over to the figure who'd just appeared.

"Good, glad you made it in one piece."

"Where is the maiden!" the Prince cried heroically.  "I must find her!"

"Hold on, you'll be able to find her.  Give me a few minutes, alright?  There's a map on that page you found to where you can find her.  Follow it exactly, okay?"

"I shall, in the name of ...!"

"Shh!  Just... just don't start on your expedition until you lose sight of me.  Then count to fifty.  Got me?  Alright, good."

Matt turned and took off briskly down the street.  A few blocks down he hailed a cab to 42nd and Eleventh.  I'm so glad I picked Manhattan, he thought to himself.  This is going to cause quite the scene.

The End

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