The Storyteller Strikes a Deal

Our poor Adelaide looked around for something to help her out of this predicament.  The fairies were long gone by now.  "Marriage?" she thought.  "I don't even know who this is!"

You wanted something unexpected.

"Yes, but... this?!"

You never specified what you wanted to be unexpected, so I took some creative license.

"And for that I thank you," she sighed.  But there was no time for sarcasm.  She had to get out of there, fast.

"Can't you do something?"

Oh, I certainly can, but whether or not I will is another kettle of fish.  Besides, I thought you didn't want me to interfere with your story?

"Just... just...." Adelaide stammered in desperation, "please, do something!"

Hm... you know what?  I'll give you a choice.

"Oh, thank you!"

Ah, don't go thanking me yet.  Would you rather stay here, be married to someone you've never met, or would you rather be whisked away to the real world?

"Honestly?  I can go there?"  She couldn't believe her ears.

I'd have to pull some strings, but yes you could.  But!  I get to choose where you go...


... and I can throw in any other tw-

She stood quickly.  "Yes!  Yes!  Just take me there!"

Okay... don't say I didn't warn you...

The Prince skidded to a stop, temporarily blinded by the explosion of light and feathers.

"But where is the maiden?" he cried, taking a tentative step forward.

He heard the crinkle of paper.  Under his shoe was a sheet of parchment.  He lifted his foot to retrieve the page.  He opened it and read it quickly.

With a triumphant laugh, he remounted his horse and took off, pocketing the page entitled Manhattan and How to Get There.

The End

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