The Storyteller Adds a Twist

In the meantime, while you're distracted, I think I'm going to go back to my storyline, thank you. So...

The Prince, in his excitement, forwent the offered breakfast and ordered his horse to be prepared for a full day out as soon as his personal dresser was finished. He had high hopes for today...

Meanwhile, Adelaide, our fair maiden, was meandering in the woods, lost in thought at a certain nonexistant person's proposition from a few moments before. She had absolutely no idea if she should go along with it or not.

She was so absolutely lost in her thoughts that she didn't notice that she was meandering down the familiar path towards her secret glen. Before she realized what had happened, she was right beside the edge of the fairy pond.

"Hey! That's not fair! You can't take advantage of a maiden lost in thought!" Adelaide complained as she turned to argue once again.

I thought you didn't want to be maidenly? If you're not maidenly, the maidenly rules don't apply, now do they?

With a maidenly humph, she turned away towards the calm waters as her fairy friends gather around her.

"You don't have these in real life, do you?" she said, lost in thought once more.


"Hm..." she murmured, apparently distraught at the thought. "I'd miss these little guys..." A small female fairy giggled, and the sound of loud church bells filled the glen. The other fairy's giggled at the poor, embarrassed fairy as she hid herself and covered her mouth.

"A perfect sound to announce our marriage to!" a male voice boomed from the tree line as a stoutly prince emerged from behind a thick oak tree and started to walk towards the maiden.

Adelaide turned with an angry look.

"I never authorized a twist in my story! What is this?"

Haha! You'll find out soon enough. It just may be the beginning of your promised adventure...

The End

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