The Prince

"Perhaps I should just ignore you then, do the opposite of what you want me to do, how about that?" She fumed.

That wouldn't be very nice now would it? I don't think it's very wise to mess with an omnipotent being that seems to be able to control your surroundings.

Adelaide got out of bed, dressed in a nice sunday dress, and set out for the day. She had errands to run.

Meanwhile, up in the castle, the Prince awakens to a grand bedchamber, brimming with curious spectators. A smile spreads across his face as he allows the nearest servant to remove his royal blanket and dress him for the day.

"Sir, would you like to eat some eggs, or would you rather appreciate a good roast pork for this morning?"

"Neither my good sir, I've got scheming to do!"

"Very good sir. Sir, please lift your leg for the leggings." His morning was going fine, the prince very pleased with how he planned his day to go.

"Mr. Storyteller!"

What!? I figured that you might want a nice break. I mean, you plan on ignoring me anyway, why should I even bother with you?

"Because I'm the main character, and I don't appreciate being ignored myself."

See, doesn't it hurt?'

"Only if it's me." Adelaide smiles sweetly, the way such faire maiden can manage. She holds with her a basket of bread, a bottle of milk, and what appears to be a shovel. "What ever you have in store for me, I plan to do something of my own, just so you know."

Good of you to tell me...

"Thought you might like to know." She sways gracefully as she dances her way off home.

The End

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