A Most Usual Fairytale

Listen, whomever you may be. This is a tale, not necessarily unconventional or boundary breaking, but unusual in it's own right. This is how it all began...

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, though not necessarily as far as you might think, there was a young maiden.

What do you mean that was predictable? Of course it was predictable! This is a fairytale! Did you expect anything else? I didn't think so. Moving on...

This young maiden was the envy of all of her fellow maidens that inhabited the small village in the enchanted forest. Her flawless golden, curly, waist-length hair alone was enough to put a little green envy in a female's eyes. Add to that her shapely form, skin of a perfect complection, shining and enrapturing eyes, and lovely singing voice and her fellow maidens started to look like the Hulk every time she passed by.

Yes, I know the Hulk didn't exist back then! No, I don't care that my story isn't historically accurate! Just be quiet and listen! As I was saying...

The fair maiden was seemingly and naively oblivious to her onlookers' dislike and jealousy. She failed to notice every man, young and old alike, stop in their tracks and gape before regaining their composure and sneaking glances at her as they went along their way. No, indeed the maiden went innocently along her way to the secret fairy fountain in the shaded glen towards the north of town to write poetry.

What do you mean most women in those days were illiterate? Well, I already told you that this isn't going into any history books! I don't care! Look, do you want me to keep going or not? Yes? Well then, shut your yapper! I'm getting to the good part! Okay, so...

She wrote her poetry, played with the multi-colored fairies, and bathed in the small pond. In fact, the pond had become magical from all of the fairy dust that had fallen into it over the centuries that it had been inhabited by the little critters. Seeing as these fairies were exceptionally beautiful, bathing in the pond daily had the unusual side effect of making one as beautiful as the fairies.

Now, one day, as the maiden was bathing in the fountain, a prince who was hunting in the woods stumbled across the secret glen and saw the beautiful maiden.

"What a beautiful woman!" he exclaimed. "I wish for this woman to be my bride!"

What's that? You don't believe in love at first sight? Well, haven't you ever read Romeo and Juliet in school? They barely know each other for a few hours and they wanted to get married! Yes, I know Romeo and Juliet was a made up story, too, but if Shakespeare could do it, so can I! Now listen up!

The maiden heard the prince's exclamation and looked up. When she saw that there was a man standing near by and that she was unclothed, she gasped aloud. Grabbing her clothes, she hastily made her way out of the water and ran into the woods. The fairies, who loved the maiden and wished her no embarrassment, distracted the prince and led him astray so that the maiden could escape.

Upon seeing that the maiden was not going to be found, the prince said, "I will go back to the glen tomorrow and hide myself among the trees. Then, when the maiden appears, I will reveal myself and ask her for her hand!"

The prince rode quickly back to his castle, running his plan through his head all the while...

You want me to keep going? Well, that's a first. But no, I'm afraid my story will have to wait to be continued until tomorrow. Until then, whomever you are, you will have to be patient.

The End

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