The Moonlit BlanketMature

It was rather dark out, and the ground was wet and soggy. Some tall brown grass surrounded her, and it went up above her head. She didn't know where she was, and did not know if there was anything around her that could help her. But all the same, she pushed foreward. She knew that she would have to run into something at some point, and if she didn't she knew that she could try and walk back. She decided to walk in a straight line, that way she'll know which was to go if it happened that she had to go back to the creepy house.

After a couple hours, she began to get tired. She fell to the wet ground and closed her eyes. She wanted to fall asleep, but sleep would not come. She was cold, and why was the ground bumpy? She relized she was sitting on something. She looked at where she was sitting. A blanket! how did a blanket get out thedre?

The End

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