A Moonlit SwordMature

This is about a girl who doesn't know who she is who goes on a walk and finds a sword and goes on an quest to figure out who she is.

She found herself laying in a room she was sure she had never been in before. The bed she had been resting on was lumpy, and the dust-covered blanket had to be a jillion years old. The room was small, but very radient. There was a small desk with a few pictures of people she did not know, and a dainty little hairbrush and a bit of makeup. There was a small mirror, which was placed leaning against the wall. Curiousity took over, and she held up the mirror  to look at herself.

She wasn't herself, that was for sure. But she didn't know who she was or what she was. She didn't know if this was a second life because she didn't remember anything else from before. If there was a before.

 She set down the mirror, for her hands were getting shaky and she did not want to drop it, and made herself go on a short walk.

The End

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