Arrow + Me = RUN!!!

After being sent back to the barn, I proceeded cautiously. I held the arrow in front of my face to avoid running into any more spiders the size of war horses. My instructor stood impatiently at the other side of the barn.

"Please princess, could you hurry?" he asked. I arched an eyebrow in his direction and strode over to him. "Now please," he wheedled "try to hit the target over there and nothing else."

I lifted the bow, fitted the arrow to the string (it took me several tries to get this correct) and fired. For one wild moment, I thought it must strike. Then I saw what was happening. The arrow bounced off the side of the hay loft and was reflected straight at us.

I ducked just in time to see the arrow sink into the massive pile of hay just behind me. The instructor turned to me with a mixed air of fear and exasparation. "Just go princess. Just go."

So I headed out of the barn and up to my parents with a deceptivly successful smile and asked "Anything else?"

The End

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