Chapter 6: A Bow and Arrow Leads to Trouble

"Ive got cookies!" Wolf shouted, walking towards us with oven mitts on. I doubted he cooked them, though.

"Just what I needed, Wolf. Mmm, still warm" I bit into a warm cookie and the chips were melted just the way I liked them. My parents couldn't resist a cookie either so they grabbed one just as fast as I had.

When the cookies were gone, the five minutes had passed. As my mother was finished her last cookie, she motioned with her hand for me to go grab a bow and a sheath of arrows and head for the shooting range. Up until this morning, I hadn't known  we had a shooting range.

I strode towards the barn(which I did not know existed either. Do they have a waterpark around the corner or something?) where I was told we keep the archery materials. I grabbed a bow and a brown sheath and turned around quickly. The barn creeped me out. In every corner there were multiple spider and cobwebs. In one particular I saw one that was as big as my hand.  There was hay everywhere, and it was dark. There was also a stench that made my eyes water when I breathed through my nose.

But just as I was getting close to the barn door, that giant spider that I mentioned dropped down right in front of my nose. If I didn't ahve quick reflexes, I would have crashed right into it!

"EEEEWWW!!" I ran out of the barn screaming, waving a aroow in front of me like it would help. Even though the spider didn't touch me, I was still very grossed out.

I ran screaming to my dad. When I finally, reached him, I was nearly choking from running and screaming at the same time. I ran up to my dad and hugged him, wanting him to protect me from the horrid monter. He seemed taken by surprise from my unusual action.

"Alia, I know you don't want to do archery, but this is no option to get your way."

The End

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